Post Grid Combo Not Filtering By Category

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Post Grid Combo Not Filtering By Category 1
Jason Patocka
Jul 23, 2023 12:01 AM 1 Answers
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Flag(0) recently experienced an issue where Post Grid was no longer filtering our content by category using the older version of PostGrid. We subsequently upgraded to PostGrid Combo but are still experiencing the issue where our content menu no longer filters content by category. We are currently running the latest version of WordPress (6.2.2) and would like to work with you to troubleshoot.

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Post Grid Combo Not Filtering By Category 2
Azizul Raju
Jul 24, 2023


Hi Jason,
Welcome to PickPlugins.

It seems your site isn't working.
Anyway, to resolve the quickly, please send a temp login access to our support email:
An expert will fix the issue for you.

Post Grid Combo Not Filtering By Category 3
Jason Patocka
- Jul 25, 2023 08:42 PM
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I have created a temporary admin account for you. Credentials are as follows:
username: PickPlugins
pw: ucx)P5uL7jyL#5Ly!m8KR#H(

an email has been sent to

In the past we have had issues with 3rd party support setting up two factor authentication in order to access our system. Please contact me directly before taking any action on resolving the issue.

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