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Please help us understand this plugin 1
Aalia Rahman
Feb 13, 2021 01:07 AM 0 Answers
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We have purchased the Job Board Manager plugin and the Application Manager add-on. At this point we're confused about what we bought.

We want to allow applicants to upload their resume when they apply, but you have to choose a website post or media file, etc. Why can't they upload from their computer? Will their resume be a public post on the site? That is NOT what we want. When an applicant comes back to apply for a different job, they're supposed to find their previous resume wherever they saved it before, but that just allows them to choose a blog post or media file from the site. That doesn't make any sense. As site managers, we could have added hundreds of photos by that point.

We also have some concerns about the look of the application. Why can't we edit the forms to make the process clearer for our users? And why can't we edit the look of submissions so it's clear WHO applied and FOR WHICH job? I tested out the one job listing we have, and after I completed it, there was no indication of what I was even applying for in the submission email OR in the All Applications section in WordPress. If there are multiple Job Offers, how will we and our client know which is which?

Are we missing something about this plugin? Could you please explain the process?


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Please help us understand this plugin 1
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