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Jan 28, 2017 01:46 AM 1 Answers General
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I'm using free version 2.0.18 and the plugin generated 61 pages of pagination on with my frontpage layout even with the option Pagination market to "No".

The problem is that it is causing SEO problems because those pages are unreachable (since there are no pagination links).

The URL of the pages look like that: (61 of these)

How can I exclude these pages and prevent it from being automatically generated?

PS: I do use pagination on other pages so I can't turn it off on my website.

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Jan 28, 2017

Welcome to our forum.

Can you please send me your link ?

i guess something missing on query post or conflict with 3rd party plugin.

Can you please deactivate other plugin one by one and see whats happening.



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