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Open via URL for a Nested Accordion 1
Zachary Munoz
Aug 22, 2019 12:36 AM 1 Answers
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Hi, I want to create a URL to open one specific category, which is in an accordion with multiple child accordions.

Screenshot of my accordion:

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My goal is to create a link to have the "CHEST" section open.

I followed the FAQ page on making a URL to open an accordion but it only allows for one child as far as I know. Ideally the link should be ?id=0&c_id=0&c_id=1

first 0 for workout catalog, second 0 for tutorials, and third 1 for chest. however, this URL only opens workout catalog, not tutorials, but then opens chest once tutorials is clicked.

How can this be done? I appreciate any help greatly.

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Open via URL for a Nested Accordion 1
Open via URL for a Nested Accordion 3
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Open via URL for a Nested Accordion 4
Aug 22, 2019

Welcome to our forum.

Opening accordion via url only work 2 levels, we would love to increase the depth in future version. We should update plugin to fix this issue.

see the example here 



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