not deleting unverified users

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not deleting unverified users 1
Mar 26, 2024 08:02 PM 1 Answers
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I have set the plugin to delete unverified users after 360 mins, and to run it twice  a day. However, the unverified users are still in the user list. What am I doing wrong?

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not deleting unverified users 2
Azizul Raju
Mar 28, 2024

Hi Colleen,
Sometimes WordPress cron job can malfunction, leading to issues with automated process on your website. Please follow the steps mentioned below to ensure that the automation process on your site is working or not -

1. Install and activate the plugin “Advanced Cron Manager” by BracketSpace.
2. Navigate to Tools => Cron Manager and search for the option named “user_verification_delete_unverified_user”. Please confirm if it’s present and check the scheduled time.
Screenshot –

You can also try to execute it immediately by clicking on the “Execute Now” button. Kindly let us know the status after performing these steps.

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