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Oct 15, 2019 09:45 PM 1 Answers
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Unfortunately it's not possible anymore to change the settings of my pricing table. I can't click on the gearwheel symbol. And I can't click on the 3 options, above on the right (shortcode, table data and style). So I can't make any changes.

Also I want to make a new pricing table, but with the new table I have the same problems... I can't change the color and all different settings.

I use Google Chrome.

I hope you can help me out.

Thanks in advanced,

Kind Regards, Miranda van Assema

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not able to make changes 1
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Oct 15, 2019

Welcome to our forum.
Can you please clear browser cache and deactivate the cache plugin if you installed any cache plugin. also please check the browser console area to check if any js error is showing.


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- Oct 16, 2019 06:25 PM
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Thanks for your reply.
I've cleared the browser cache and don't have any cache plugin running, but the problem is still there.
I checked the browser console area for any error, but I do have an error there, I'll copy/past it below:

load-scripts.php?c=0&load[]=underscore,backbone,jquery-ui-droppable,jquery-ui-sortable,hoverIntent,common,admin-bar,heartbeat,autosave,suggest,wp-ajax-respo&load[]=nse,jquery-color,wp-lists,postbox,jquery-ui-position,jquery-ui-menu,jquery-ui-autocomplete,tags-suggest,tags-box,word-count,post&load[]=,svg-painter,wp-auth-check,jquery-touch-punch,iris,wp-color-picker,shortcode,wp-util,wp-backbone,media-models,wp-plupload,wp-med&load[]=iaelement,wp-api-request,media-views,media-editor,media-grid,wp-api,wp-annotations,jquery-ui-progressbar&ver=5.2.4:341 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'limitExceeded' of undefined

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