Making amendments to Job Board Manager

Making amendments to Job Board Manager 1
Mar 16, 2016 07:01 PM 1 Answers General
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I'd like to make amendments to the Job Board Manager (as my screen grab).
Is this possible?

  1. Remove the Job Title in single job post.
  2. Have a back to job list button.
  3. Be able to amend the job description section titles.
  4. Change the salary info icon to £ (UK)
  5. Add a link to application form.

Hope you can help.
Making amendments to Job Board Manager 2

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Making amendments to Job Board Manager 3
Mar 16, 2016

Welcome to our forum

#1. Title on single job page can be removed by action hook as flowing


#2. you can add you own custom HTML (Back Button) by action hook as following

add_action( 'job_bm_action_single_job_main', 'job_bm_template_single_job_meta_after', 10 );

function job_bm_template_single_job_meta_after() {
    $job_bm_archive_page_id = get_option('job_bm_archive_page_id');
    $job_bm_archive_page_url = get_permalink($job_bm_archive_page_id);    

    echo 'Back to List';


#3. Salary currency you can set under settings page
Job Post > Salary currency ?
This currency will override by job posting meta input.
#4. Application input button can be extend by filter hook by using following add-ons
See the example here
#5, New meta input fields for jobs can be added by filter hook , for section you want to add.

function job_bm_filters_job_meta_options($options){
    $options['Notification'] = array(
                                    'title'=>'Job Responsibilities New',
                                    'input_type'=>'wp_editor', // text, radio, checkbox, select,
                                    'input_values'=>'', // could be array

    //$options = array_merge($options,$options_new);            
    return $options;


Hope that all help you.

Let me know for more help.

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