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Link for you reference(previous question) 1
Mar 24, 2016 06:24 PM 1 Answers General
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Hi..kindly check out my link and try to make the corrections. 1.The short content after the job title runs over the monitor doesnt come in the next line. 2.I want to remove the map from this page 3.I tried changing the color of the job title and content which din work 4.Job Type,Job status in this page is left blank.. Can u pls come up with a proper solution coz i have changed my plugin from wp jobs to your job manager and im waiting for you to make things correct...since the plugin loads fast i wud like to buy the addons aswell but before that i must set up the basics first..

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Link for you reference(previous question) 2
Mar 31, 2016

HI,   Haven't you followed my answer ?   Regards

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