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I think i've found a problem with the Job Search plugin by the Job Board Manager plugin. If you look at the jobs you will see the jobs that you've made with the correct colors you made. But if you search for a keyword or location the colors go to the standard colors.

Normal job page:

Job page searched by keywords:
Colors i've made in the settings:


Hope you can fix this in the next update or can i fix it by myself?


P.S. Translate the plugins worked fine! Thanks!

-Senn Friesen


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Apr 15, 2017

Thanks for your report the issue,

I have fixed the issue and update the plugin, please download & reinstall latest version.

Please let me know update.


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- Apr 15, 2017 06:00 PM
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Thanks, colors work fine now!

Now there is another problem; The Fa-Icon on the job status won't be showed and the job-status and job-type don't translate with my installed language Dutch.

Normal Job page:

Job page searched by keywords:

That is a little problem hope you can fix it!

Thank you
– Senn Friesen

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