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Jun 02, 2016 04:00 AM 1 Answers General
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Hi There,
You are not answer on my question in previous email, so I try write here for You:
My question are about responsive resolution

  • By Images In grid views: How can I create in Layout seeting -Grid item media height - Auto height rule, But with maximal media height (meens by pictures: Auto height with max height rule).
  • By default Items go to next row when resolution is less, like here:, but I need only One row on all resolution: (for example: in 1024 x 768 3xItems row, in 1920 x 1080 4x Items rows ...) How can I create this rule for responsive only one row Post Grid?
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Issues for resolution 2
Jun 02, 2016

Thanks for your post,
Sorry to missed your question in previous reply
#1. First understand Media Source,
In grid items (Post) you have two source for media 1. from settings under Media source 2. Add thumbnail via layout editor

So if you display thumbnail via layout editor you need to add CSS under layout editor CSS area. otherwise if you are using Media source you can apply following Settings, please see the screenshot (You need to select Max height and add value for maximum height you want to keep )

  • Auto height
  • Fixed height
  • Max height
#2. Sorry to say we haven't implemented row item number as you want, i added this to my "To do list" future version may available this feature.

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