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Apr 01, 2019 03:52 AM 1 Answers
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1) I have created a team grid, and when you click on the read more text at the end of the intro a popup slider appears. How do I get hyperlinks to work when they are clicked in the popup slider? Currently they only work if the Ctrl button is pressed when I click on a hyperlink. Also, how do I change the colour of the hyperlinks?

2) How do I make the 'read more' text stand out at the end of the team members text? Make it bold, a different colour and add a space before it?

Many thanks

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Apr 01, 2019

Welcome to our forum.

#1, You probably set popup slider under the option “Link to Member.” you can set team member page so pop up soldier will not appear,

Please see the screenshot

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#2. you can add the following custom CSS to style read more text.

.team-content .read-more {
    font-weight: bold;

Let me know if you need some CSS help to style it.


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