How to Add code without it rendering

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How to Add code without it rendering 1
Apr 26, 2023 08:09 PM 1 Answers
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Hello I'm trying to add code inside of an accordion to be displayed as a guide, so I don't want the code to actually render on the page, but just be displayed as highlighted text. An example is I'm trying to just add "<Iframe" (not even with the close ">" tag) and it starts rendering an Iframe on my live page rather than just showing the text.

I've also tried adding this between "<code></code>" tags and also "<pre><code></code></pre>" tags and still no luck. How can I generate code and show it as just text on these accordions?

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How to Add code without it rendering 2
Azizul Raju
Apr 27, 2023

We recommend using a plugin called Enlighter. Here is the plugin URL -

After installing the plugin, wrap your code with "

" tag with a class name EnlighterJSRAW.
Example: "

your code here


NB: please install the latest version of the accordion(2.2.72). There was a bug on pre tag, and we have to fix it on the latest version.

Would you mind wring a review for our Accordion plugin? It'll inspire us a lot. You can post your review here -

Thank you so much.

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