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How can I insert specific related posts in a block within my post? 1
Aug 26, 2021 07:16 AM 0 Answers
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Hi, I'm trying to figure out how to insert a block of specific/chosen related posts within a blog post. I know I can do it from the additional post settings within the blog post for the default where I have it placed at the bottom of each blog post.
Am I understanding correctly that if I want to add an additional related posts block within a specific post (not all posts after a certain number of paragraphs) that I have to use the shortcode? There's no widget or block I've overlooked that I can add and then choose what posts, how many, etc I want displayed in a specific spot within the post?
If not, is there a way to add it using the shortcode but where I can choose what posts I want displayed or a keyword query or something?

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