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Ticket for: Post Grid
Aug 11, 2020 08:19 AM 1 Answers
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I noticed that when the page is loading the grid jumps up before showing on the screen. I guessed it is because of the lazy load div (even though I disabled the lazy load option), but that can be a little bit annoying for the end user. I reduced that jump effect by adding some css to set the height to 0 for the lazy load div, but still not perfect. I have 2 questions:

1. Is it possible to eliminate that jump completely?

2. Is it possible to configure the lazy load with one image per grid item and that the grid item image is underneath the lazy load image? Right now it is one image for the whole grid and the lazy  load image is above the grid, which is not useful to me.

Perdon me if these questions sound silly, maybe I just don't know how to configure the lazy load in your plugin. Please, help.

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Aug 11, 2020

Welcome to our forum.

Please send me your post grid page url, i will check the issue, also if possible please capture a video for your issue so i can clearly understand whats going on.

without checking the page its hard to resolve the issue.


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