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Ticket for: Post Grid
Nov 23, 2020 03:34 PM 0 Answers
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I love your Post Grid plugin; it does exactly what I want. But, I do have an issue with the rendering of those pages on which I display a grid.

Google Page Insights Data for one such page:

First Contentful Paint

2.5 s
Speed Index

7.0 s
Largest Contentful Paint

5.5 s
Time to Interactive

5.3 s
Total Blocking Time

570 ms
Cumulative Layout Shift

The main issue appears to be with the 'Cumulative Layout Shift' which is largely responsible for giving my pages a low score.
I notice that when I load a page that contains a post grid, there is a little bump as the posts are displayed and I wondered if this is the issue.
Any advice or help you can give would be hugely appreciated.
Will 🙂
White Dove Books
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