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form code stripped when editing in Tabs plugin 1
Jun 28, 2021 08:31 AM 1 Answers
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I contacted you a few days ago about a problem I had editing in the Tabs plugin. I thank you for doing an update, which I installed. The update solved the initial problem I was having, but now I am having a new problem.

My website is for a library and we put search boxes for different types of searches in our library catalog in those tabs. They are done as a form. Now, when I attempt to edit anything on those tabs, sometimes the search boxes are missing entirely on both the visual and text editors. Sometimes they are there, but when I make any update to the tab (specifically, removing a couple of dead links that appear below the the form/search box), the form code is stripped out of every tab, even if I only updated one tab.

I tried manually pasting the form code back into the tabs and it was stripped out when I updated (except for a small bit of the text that appears in the text box and on the submit button).

Here is the form code for for one of the search boxes:

<form action=\"\" id=\"article-search-form\" method=\"get\" onsubmit=\"ebscoPreProcess(this)\" target=\"_blank\"><input name=\"direct\" type=\"hidden\" value=\"true\" /> <input name=\"scope\" type=\"hidden\" value=\"site\" /> <input name=\"site\" type=\"hidden\" value=\"eds-live\" /> <input name=\"authtype\" type=\"hidden\" value=\"ip,guest\" /> <input name=\"custid\" type=\"hidden\" value=\"s9002963\" /> <input name=\"groupid\" type=\"hidden\" value=\"main\" /> <input name=\"profile\" type=\"hidden\" value=\"eds\" /> <input name=\"bquery\" type=\"hidden\" value=\"\" /> <label class=\"sr-only\" for=\"article-search-field\">Search for articles and more</label> <input class=\"ebsco-searchbox\" id=\"article-search-field\" name=\"uquery\" placeholder=\"Search for articles,eBooks, media, and more...\" size=\"35\" type=\"text\" /> <label class=\"sr-only\" for=\"article-search-type\">Search type</label> <select class=\"ebsco-dropdown\" id=\"article-search-type\" name=\"search_prefix\" onchange=\"#\" size=\"1\"><option selected=\"selected\" value=\"\">Keyword</option><option value=\"TI \">Title</option><option value=\"AU \">Author</option><option value=\"SU \">Subject</option> </select> <input class=\"ebsco-button\" type=\"submit\" value=\" Search \" />&nbsp;</form>

Here is a screenshot of what is left after I add the code and update: <a href=""></a>

Can you please help me figure out why making updates to the tab strips out this code? Since it is in there and working fine prior to deleting the dead links, it shouldn\'t be a compatibility issue with the version of WordPress or the plugin, right?

My entire homepage is useless without these search boxes, and I really need to be able to delete dead links as well. I appreciate any help you can give me.

Thank you,

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form code stripped when editing in Tabs plugin 1
form code stripped when editing in Tabs plugin 3
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form code stripped when editing in Tabs plugin 4
Jun 28, 2021

Welcome to our forum.

i just updated plugin to add support for shortcode under tabs content, please make s shortcode for your form and use that shortcode to tabs content, hope this will be fixed the issue.


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