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Filterable grid problem 1
Jun 17, 2020 03:30 PM 1 Answers
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Hello there! I'm having problems displaying posts with filterable grids.

I have created a grid to show all post from 3 diferent categories (posts per page: -1) but the problem is that when is more than 10 posts to show ajax stops working... showing only 2 posts and when i try to navigate through diferent categories all posts desappear making me reload the page. It looks like ajax stops working. I tried  diferent ways to set up the filters.. and even if i set 11/20/30/40 posts per page doesn't work.

Im not using the last version of the plugin, hasanrang05 helped me setting up this plugin when i bought the premium version of it and tried to update the plugin for me but it didn't work as expected so im still using the old version. (This maybe caused by my custom css styles?)

Apart from that you are also using wordpress, Can you give me an advise? My website is recieving more than 500 attepts of logins per day for some brute force atack bot... can you also give me some advises to solve this problem? About security, my wp-admin folder is secure, I block php scripts on upload folders, change database prefix, remove directory browing, login url changed but I don't like the idea of using a firewall plugin that I'm pretty sure is not gonna help at all!

Hope everything is ok!

Kind regards,

Daniel Molano

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Filterable grid problem 2
Jun 17, 2020

Welcome to our forum.

Please note, ajax load is not working with filterable grid, please use jQuery pagination instated its only working with filterable style grid. in latest version, we rename "jQuery pagination" to "Filterable pagination"

For security issue,

i am not sure if already used following plugin,

Try to hide default login and register form, remove wp-login.php file periodically to prevent spammer using default login and register form.

Also, you can use our user verification plugin to prevent user login until get verified, you can also block them by email domain or user name.

I hope this will help you.


Filterable grid problem 3
Daniel Molano Duque
- Jun 17, 2020 05:37 PM
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Hi! Thanks for your quick response!

When I change the grid from filterabl to normal grid and then add the Jquery pagination, it only shows me the posts and no the top navigation and the pagination at the bottom.

I put it back to filterable again, here is the link if you wanna have a look at the problem,

This is how I would like the grid:

And this is the grid when I change to a normal grid with jquary pagination:

Sorry for the inconveniences man, When I inspect the code I can see the divs for the top nav and bottom nav, I also check if they are hidden couse of the size of the container but nothing I tried worked.

I'm also using the filterable grid on the blog pages to show 3 reports categories but It only has 6 posts in total, Its definetly going to happen the same as the frontpage one

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