Email verification won't get to my user with gmail mailbox

Email verification won't get to my user with gmail mailbox 1
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I am struggeling with this issue.

I setup my email verification to user.

Everything works ok,  but every user with GMAIL account doesn\'t get my first email .

I am hosting my servcices on bluehost and that is what they told me:

\"I understand , as I checked I could see that its an issue with plugin ports , since please do check once with plugin developer to know if there is any additional settings you should add to Bluehost because in some cases some of the plugin connectivity of emails are causing issue with the particular emails for customers. so please do contact plugin developer and check .\"

\"As I checked the server end there is no emails in queue and emails being down , since we can conclude your emails are working form the server end so please contact them and query them that emails to gmail are not being sent , but everything is alright from server end .\"

\"Some cases emails are configured within plugin using settings since you are suing an plugin all the setup will be done from the server end further so in that case as I checked I could see that everything is working in Bluehost email servers where you can check with them that reason why the emails being not to sent from plugins to gmails which you have connected . if they asked any ports that to be set you can provide this Incoming Mail Server: box2322 (SSL) Supported Ports: 993 (IMAP), 995 (POP3) Outgoing Mail Server: box2322 (SSL) Supported Port: 465 (server requires authentication)\"

how can i fix this?


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Email verification won't get to my user with gmail mailbox 1
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