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Nov 14, 2022 08:00 PM 1 Answers
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Hi, I really love your plug-in.

Everything worked great. Only after last update the HTML filled in the Email verification, is shown.

I have for example an A href for Invalid activation key message where I have a link to show a popup to resend the key. This HTML code is now fully shown in the <span class="status-text">, instead of creating a link the text "<a href ....>" is displayed.

Tried it on my DEV environment, where still the old plugin is active, there it still works. I tried to overwrite old plugin files but didn't help.

Is this a known issue? How can I fix this?

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Azizul Raju
Nov 15, 2022

Hi Keeslos,

Sorry for the inconvenience. We just fixed the issue and updated the plugin. Could you please install the latest version, 1.0.91 and give it a try?


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