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Editing Category links - Post Grid 1
Dec 06, 2016 10:20 AM 1 Answers General
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Hi! I have found your plugin to be very useful and flexible. However, I have one issue, I would like to know how/where I can edit the category links, so instead of going to myblog.com/category/fashion, they went to myblog.com/fashion , as I already have those pages set up.


I also tried to do the "post grid for archive page" you have in the documentation, but couldn't find the relevant category.php file in my theme.



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Editing Category links - Post Grid 1
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Editing Category links - Post Grid 4
Dec 06, 2016

Welcome to our forum.

#1. you can't change the category links,

you better use custom link for thumbnail or add "Meta Key" link via meta field on layout editor






Let me know for more help.



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- Apr 12, 2018 10:30 PM
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I'm also dealing with something like this, but I want my categories (which I'll change up to meta keys) styled specifically on a layout that already has other meta keys – is there a way to add a class to one specific meta key? Looking for a way around this.

Otherwise, is there a way to have the categories display, but disable their links, like you would display a post title with no link? That would be an easier fix.

Thanks so much!

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