Did you create update version?

Did you create update version? 1
Nov 19, 2022 01:35 AM 1 Answers
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Hi Guys! You plugin is awesome.

But I don't understand. Your tutorial looks different like plugin in my page. My problem is, on the page I have related pages, but I need related posts.

I looked every tutorials, I add your code to my theme, but still show on pages, related pages.

Can you help me?

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Did you create update version? 2
Azizul Raju
Nov 20, 2022

Hi, sorry for our late response.

Maybe the tutorials you've seen are for the older version of Related Post. Anyway, We have dedicated settings for Post and Page display. To show Posts in the related post, you've to disable Page and enable post. Kindly check the screenshot attached.
Screenshot: https://i.imgur.com/SfeT3Hd.png

Let us know if it helps.

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