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Frank Spade
Mar 11, 2019 02:24 AM 1 Answers
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Setting up the first post grid worked fine:
When I built the second in the same way as the first, the content of all but the last post got hidden behind a curtain:
When I called up the display of the first grid, their posts now got hidden as well:
Is there a limit to the numer of grids I can create in the free version or what might be the problem?

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Frank Spade
Mar 11, 2019

While waiting, I bought the Pro version of the plugin, but got a 413 Error when I tried to upload it. Is there a way to install it without uploading (I tried the Upload Larger Plugins which produced a different error).

One observation to the hidden content phenomenon: when I make the browser window smaller, the cutain is gone. Go figure ...

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- Mar 11, 2019 09:07 AM
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I have replied on another question please let fix the installation issue,

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