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content container border not respected from Accordions PlugIn 1
Jun 06, 2016 10:07 PM 1 Answers General
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Hi Support team,
I need your CSS experience & expertise … the border around a content container is not expanding correctly, if I use your Accordions PlugIn:
Here you can see the standard Webdesign the customer expects:
Link to [work in process] Website
But your PlugIn is not expanding the border to the end of the accordion area, independent it is closed or opened … what kind of css brings here the right solution?
Link to [disrupted, damaged] Website
This is happend everytime independent I am using your shortcode in a widget area, sidebar or in a Website Pagebuilder ... ;-(

Thanks very much for your support & assistance!
Best regards

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content container border not respected from Accordions PlugIn 2
Jun 09, 2016

Welcome to our forum,
Please see the screenshot its your theme issue , the container of content has fixed height thats the reason its cause looks broken

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i don’t understand where the fixed height come form
when i disabled the height its working fine.
Let me know for more help

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