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Sep 17, 2020 09:48 PM 1 Answers
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Is it possible to have 2 levels of filters?  Where when you select something from the first level of filters, the second level changes?

Easiest way to explain is like a clothing store...

Top level
Tops    Bottoms    Jackets

Second level - when you select tops, the filters below change to
Dress shirts    Sweat shirts    T-shirts

Second level - when you select bottoms, the filters below change to
Dress pants     Jogging pants     Shorts

Second level - when you select jackets, the filters below change to
Winter     Rain     Vests

Is this possible?

If so, what's the best way to set this up with categories and/or tags?

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Sep 18, 2020

Welcome to our forum.

I understand your issue, but unfortunately multi level filtering isn’t available right now. there is custom filter option you can display multi filters. please watch this video


- Sep 18, 2020 07:12 PM
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hi, we have added a dummy addon for creating advance search/filter, you can build your own input fields and search input.
please take a look this addon, you may extend for your needs.


- Sep 18, 2020 09:07 AM
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It would be great if you could add this in a future release. 🙂 Seems like a number of people would like something similar.

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