can i roll back to last version

We have renamed Post Grid plugin to Post Grid Combo
can i roll back to last version 1
Oct 27, 2018 07:23 PM 1 Answers General
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hi, can i roll back to last version.
the editing accordion option part, it's limited size in macbook(safari/chrome). however, it look good in windows with bigger screen.
and i cannot send screenshot here, there's no option, also i cannot reply in your reply box, just can't register.

can i roll back to the last version of accordion? i have website backup file, and i have newly added accordions after the backup.

i just can't edit woocommerce product page.
please help.
thanks in advance.

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can i roll back to last version 2
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can i roll back to last version 3
Oct 27, 2018

Welcome to our forum.

if you are using free version please download from here version 2.0.23



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