Can I deactivate “Breadcrumb front text”?

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Can I deactivate "Breadcrumb front text"? 1
Feb 04, 2020 01:02 AM 1 Answers
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Today, I noticed that the beginning of my site's breadcrumb had "No title" at the beginning of it. I updated the plugin and it still was there. I found under Breadcrumb setting the field for "Breadcrumb front text" and put in a bit of text for testing and it showed up on the page. Previously, Breadcrumbs started with Home and then listed all subsequent daughter pages. Can I switch off the "Breadcrumb front text" all together so that the first item is "Home"?

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Can I deactivate "Breadcrumb front text"? 1
Can I deactivate "Breadcrumb front text"? 3
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Can I deactivate "Breadcrumb front text"? 4
Feb 04, 2020

The same problem here after updating. How do i get rid of the 'no title' before breadcrumbs?

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