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Venig Andrei
Jun 06, 2021 06:19 PM 1 Answers
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Hello, my name is Andrei Venig, I am administrator at and I'am glad to use youre service.

But I have  two problems:

First problem is:

I settup clipart price and "save changes" after but in reality when I add a clipart the price didn't change, but just for cliparts.

Second problem is:

I want to change the tutorial text, must be in Romanian language.  Where can I change it?

contact me at:

Thanks for you support!

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Jun 07, 2021

Welcome to our forum.

i just checked the pricing saving issue for cliparts, its works fine here, could you please clear browser cache and try again,

I just updated plugin to fix translation issue for tutorials text, please contribute here

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Venig Andrei
- Jun 17, 2021 01:47 AM
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Well, the price for clipart dose’t work, I tryed with more devices. I can send a video with this.
On mobile page îs imposibile to customize any product becouse the template is not competly sown.
And the last thing I tryed also upload clipart like customer but i can’t

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