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Ticket for: Breadcrumb
Breadcrumb for Post Grid pages 1
Jun 08, 2021 02:56 AM 0 Answers
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I am trying to use both products Post Grids and Breadcrumb. I can create the initial breadcrumb to link to a category. But when the breadcrumb reaches the post level, the link included "category" in it. For example menu link of

(that is also the breadcrumb link for that Post Grid page)

Recipes  /  Appetizers and Snacks

If I click one of the posts in the grid the browser link is and final breadcrumb link is

but then is I click the breadcrumb link to go back to the previous page it's

with a breadcrumb of

Home  /  category  /  Appetizers

This site in question in under construction so I would have to provide much more than a link and admin access.




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Breadcrumb for Post Grid pages 1
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