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Basic search field behaviour 1
Jun 09, 2021 05:08 PM 1 Answers
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Using postgrid, I have an issue with the search field:
If I enter some characters in the search field, it is filtering correctly. But if I delete all characters, it still shows the filtered view instead of resetting to the full view of posts. I have to press enter to get back all elements loaded. Is there a way to get the reset applied wihtout having to press enter?

Also, I was wondering if we could do some custom overlay on each post. So let's say each post showing up is a product, but I want to add a "Coming soon" or "Out of stock" logo on some of them. Is there a way to do that?


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Basic search field behaviour 2
Jun 10, 2021

Welcome to our forum.

I just fix empty keyword issue, it will reset result when empty keyword found, could you please download latest version I am working on github, please reinstall free version and let me know the result.

before testing please clear browser cache.

Basic search field behaviour 3
Kevin Johnson
- Jun 23, 2021 03:51 AM
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Unfortunately the update for empty search field doesn’t work properly.

I have a filterable grid with Query Post > Posts per page = -1
(to show all)

and then under Filterable > Number of items per page = 9
(so that the dynamic filters show ALL results for the filter chosen)

This works fine, and the search works fine initially, but when you empty the search field it then shows ALL 45 pages of results, not the filtered 9.

I made a video showing the issue here:

Basic search field behaviour 4
- Jun 15, 2021 04:06 PM
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Thanks, that works!
Do you know if there is also a possibility to change the minimum number of characters before search is activated?
It seems like we can’t search if we enter less than 4 characters by default.

Basic search field behaviour 5
- Jun 10, 2021 08:58 AM
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Yes, you could add custom HTML layer to any elements via action hook and filter hook available, please check this documentation

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