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Automatically send Email Verification 1
Mar 04, 2023 05:15 AM 1 Answers
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I use this plugin with listingpro directory theme. The user creation is handled by the theme and the user is added to the user table. Is it possible to automatically email all new users added to the WordPress user table with the email to verify?

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Automatically send Email Verification 2
Azizul Raju
Mar 06, 2023

Welcome to PickPlugins.

Under User Verification => Tools, we have an option called Mark all existing users as verified. You can use this option, but the problem is users will not get a verification email. The verification process will be held automatically.

However, if you want to force existing users to go through the verification process, go to Users => All Users and mark the users unverified and then click on Resend verification. The user will get a verification email in order to get verified.

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