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Mar 07, 2023 09:26 PM 0 Answers
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I was wondering if you could explain how to make roles exempt from the entire Auto Verify plugin process.
For example, if I set Exclude User Role = Subscriber, then how to either Auto Verify any user account added to that role or, have that role ignored by the Tools > Delete Unverified Users rule?

The issue here is that users added to an Excluded User Rule still are getting deleted because they are marked unverified until they first log in. I need them to either be marked Verified or completely exempt to the plugin so that they do not get deleted.  New users sometimes do not log in before the plugin is deleting them.

Otherwise it is perfect!  I there a code snippet or something that I can add that will bypass a specific role, or any roles set in the Exclude User Role section?

Thank in advance.

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