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Excellent plugin. I'm developing an app with AppPresser and a logged in user can share a photo to app as a post. I have made a page where app user can select specific author and check what he/she has shared to app. So how can I show on only selected author posts in a grid? Theme I use is ion theme with AppPresser and it's bit different than normal WordPress themes.



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Nov 17, 2016

Welcome to our forum,

you can use filter hook (Free & Premium) for add your own query argument for query post so that it will work dynamically(will applied all post grid created on your site), please see the documentation here.


Also in premium version there is input fields "More Query Parameter" so you can add your own query arguments , like if you want to query post by author ids author=123,124

Please see the attachment how does it works

Let me know for more help


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