Application manager not updating

Application manager not updating 1
Nov 30, 2023 09:39 PM 1 Answers
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We have previously paid for the job board - application manager. When we upgraded the site, this plugin stopped functioning correctly. When a CV is uploaded, fails to submit the job application. I can tell from the browers console that there is an Ajax error that reurns a critical error response.

I have tried disabling aall of the other plugins, switched themes etc and the error still persists.

The version of application manager we have is 2.0.9. I can see the latest version is 2.0.10. Nothing appearrs on wordpress to update the version and I can't find anything in my account to download. I was hoping that the new version might work with the error.

Many thanks

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Application manager not updating 2
Azizul Raju
Dec 02, 2023

Hi Zoe,
Updating to the latest version 2.0.10 will resolve your issue.
You can't see anything on your account download because you might used a differnt email account for checkout Application Manager.
I can see you've used info@chambu**! Please log out from the account that you're currently in and log in on info@chambu**

Let me know if you're able to download the latest version.


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