Add cart dont work *VERY IMPORTANT*

Add cart dont work *VERY IMPORTANT* 1
Oct 30, 2018 07:19 PM 1 Answers General
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Hey PickPlugins-Author,

Now iam dont with my Shop and i used ur "Product-Designer" everything works fine. But for some reason i have a very BIG Issue on my Webpage.

If i navigate to a product and press on costumize.

I'll get into the Product Designer i can use it very well, but at least if i want to finish my self made design. Press on "Generate" that also works.

Then i get the Designt with a litte mark wich say "add to cart" but if u click there my Website freezes and i dont get it onto cart. What i missed to do ?

please help me i have some PPL waiting in Line for it to work.

regarts Sandro Erdmann
my Page

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Add cart dont work *VERY IMPORTANT* 2
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Add cart dont work *VERY IMPORTANT* 3
Oct 30, 2018

Welcome to our forum.

Hi, i don't see product designer plugin is activated on your site, can you please activate the plugin first.

Also, send me designer page.


Add cart dont work *VERY IMPORTANT* 4
- Oct 31, 2018 08:10 PM
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Can you please clear browser cache.
i just tested for bellow product

i was able to add to cart both products after customizing.
please see the screenshot
just check the console area of the browser when the error is happening, please send me the screenshot of console area.

Add cart dont work *VERY IMPORTANT* 5
- Oct 31, 2018 05:06 PM
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Hey PickPlugins,

nice to see that you are answering as fast as you can.
On the following Link you see a Product wich can be Costumized and Product Designer active

The 2nd one is the Designer its selfs just create something and add it to cart. then it will freeze.

Regarts Sandro Erdmann

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