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Accorion menu plugin questions 1
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We are looking for an accordion plugin for a client and other potential clients and came across your plugin had some questions:

  • can you customise the icon and the icon colour for the tabs for different pages?
  • can you customise the colour of the header tabs (in both horizontal and vertical) for different pages?
  • does the plugin allow for text styling/colours within the accordion?
  • can you have an image alongside content within the accordion?
  • does the accordion allow for the first tab to be open on page load?
  • can you put a background behind the accordion?
  • is the plugin compatible with WP v5.0/Gutenberg?



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Dec 10, 2018

Welcome to our forum.

Thanks for your interest in our plugin,

#1. Yes, you can customize the icons as your need, we used font-awesome icons, but you can also use font icon class same as font awesome. also, you can change will apply all icons in each accordion, different iocn color for each tab isn't available.   please see the screenshot how its work

#2. you can change header text color, background color, and etc please see the screenshot

#3. there is some available option for font size, the color of accordion content. please see the screenshot

#4. you can add the image, video just like you do on post editing editor.

#5. you can set the custom tab to open on page load.

#6. yes you can set custom background image as well, please see the screenshot

#7. we will update compatibility wp future version and core plugins like Gutenberg as long as we run our plugins. you should not be afraid on this issue.


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