Accordions – Problems with URL parameters and URL hash

Accordions - Problems with URL parameters and URL hash 1
Feb 14, 2018 11:18 AM 1 Answers General
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I bought your plugin and so far everything is great. However, I have problems with openning via URL parameters or via URL hash. Unfortunately, I haven't found more detailed explanation on your website so far.

Problem 1: On your demo website ( can't see any URL hash and non of those accorions is openning once the page load is finished...

Question1: Can you please explain how to setup openning via URL hash properly with clear URL examples?

Question1.1: Can I call directly some specific child-accordion and once the URL and page are loaded, it will open all parent-accordions down to this specific child-accordion I called?



Problem 2: On this demo website ( you actually open third accordion from top with"?id=2" parameter and still you actually used hash in URL instead of & as visible on this example (

Question 2: Can you please explain why you used that URL hash with "ui-id-5"?

Question 2.1: Can you please explain why you used in URL "#" instead of "&"?



Problem 3: On this demo website ( you open 2nd accordion and then second child-accordion which doesn't exist, so I guess that you wanted to open it with this type of link ( Anyway, I see that you are using "&c_id=0" to open only first child-accordion but for example doesn't take me to 2nd level child-accordion in your theme...

Question 3: How can I get via URL parameter deeper into the structure of accordion? For example what would be URL to 3rd level child-accordion?


Problem 4: I have longer accordion with multiple expandable titles with multiple child-accordion. If I try to open it via URL parameter, it will open that specific child-accordion but it won't scroll down to beginning of that specific opened child-accordion.

Question 4: What I need to set up in order to open some specific child-accordion and make the page scroll down so header will be on top of screen and content under it? (I found "Click Header to scroll top" option, but that works only if I click on header. I need same effect right after specific URL for that child-accordion is loaded.)

Thank you and have a nice day

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Accordions - Problems with URL parameters and URL hash 1
Accordions - Problems with URL parameters and URL hash 3
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Accordions - Problems with URL parameters and URL hash 4
Feb 14, 2018

Welcome to our forum,

#1. URL hash is currently not working, we are trying to solve. you can use url parameter instead,

#1.1 skip

#2. "?id=2"  used because its start from 0 (zero) that's mean "?id=0" will open first accordion and so on.  "#ui-id-5" used for scroll to the section. each header has unique id, if you want to keep open on load and scroll to that header you will need to use like this "?id=2#ui-id-5" "id=2" will open 3rd section and "#ui-id-5" will used for scroll down to that section.  i hope you understand "#ui-id-5" is the id of section. please see the screenshot

#2.1 for the multiple parameter passing in url "&" used. and # is used for scroll to any id of element.

#3. here is the working demo link, 


id will used for parent item

c_id will used child item, on

Please see the documentation here

#3.1, it only work on first child, deeper child will not work.

#4. i have already answered at top.

Let me know for more help.


Accordions - Problems with URL parameters and URL hash 5
- Feb 17, 2018 10:00 AM
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Thanks for your reply,
#1. please make sure you header id is correct, try to inspect element to get id (see the attachment how to get id.) if you please send me your link then i can help you to find element id.

#3 & #3.1 unfortunately we can't help you to customize plugin right now, but you can customize as you want. we do not provide plugin customization service for our clients.


Accordions - Problems with URL parameters and URL hash 6
- Feb 15, 2018 06:17 AM
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thanks for explanation. Now when everything is clear to me, I have two major problems:

Regarding #2: I tried basic URL as and the result is, that first title is open, but it won't scroll down to section with <div id="1518291749796" class="accordions-head-title">
I tried it on Chrome 63.0.3239.132 (Official Build) (64-bit), Firefox 58.0.2 (64-bit) and Safari 11.0.3 (11604. Can you please check this function?

Regarding #3 and #3.1: This is quite a big issue, because I like your plugin for beeing able to go more than 4 levels deep into structure, but at the same time I expected to be able to show any of those sections by URL.

Could we maybe work on it and find some workaround? I don't mind to modify plugin's files and maybe sacrify some extra features in exchnge for beiing able to link directly deeper than 1st child accordion.

Maybe some of this URL could work after some modifications?
?id=0&c_id=0&c_id=0 (I guess that this structure might cause some logical problems while showing correct accordion, so take it just as suggestion.)
?id=0&c_id=0&cc_id=0 (This way it could go as much deep as needed just with adding "c" before id and it would be easy to navigate through levels.)
or maybe call directly in URL by uniqe id and at the same time call for scroll to that section?
"?id=0" would open 1st accordion on 1st level
"#ui-id-1" would search for accordion with ID1 on 2nd level and open it
"#ui-id-11" would search for accordion with ID11 on 2nd level and open it

Thank you and have a nice day

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