Accordions disappear after "duplicating" database.

Accordions disappear after "duplicating" database. 1
Feb 16, 2016 11:42 AM 1 Answers General
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I built an 8 element accordion on a client's web site.  Works fine looks great.  I used "Duplicator" to make a copy of the site and installed a clone of the site on my local machine using Instant WordPress. (a dry run for installing the site on his server).  Installation worked ok, had a few minor glitches.  Somewhere in the process all my accordion items disappeared and were replaced with "Demo Item".  I have looked in the database, and the accordion post record is still there, and all the accordion detail records are still there, and as best I can tell, have not changed.  The page still has the accordion shortcode.  Obviously, something got lost...some pointer or reference to the real accordion items.
I know I can do the Duplicator transfer again, etc, etc.  But if I'm going to use a tool in the future, I want to know I can fix it. I may not have the luxury of re-doing a transfer next time.  Where should I look for the broken pointer / missing record?

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Accordions disappear after "duplicating" database. 2
Feb 16, 2016

Welcome to our forum.
Please check shortcode has same id as before. If not please go each accordions edit and again copy shortcode.
Let me know for more help.
Best regards

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