Accordions are not clickable anymore?

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Accordions are not clickable anymore? 1
Manon van Daelen
Apr 18, 2024 04:17 PM 1 Answers
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We have been using this plugin for some time now, and never had any problems with it.


Now, all of sudden, it seems that the accordion-function is not working anymore. I can't display the content anymore.

Our website only displays accordion-heads, but they aren't clickable anymore. This function is nog working.

The content is still there, i see it in the browser-code, but its not showing.


Can you help us with this problem?

I thought updating everything in the website would help, but the problem remains.



Manon van Daelen

Bureau van den Oever

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Accordions are not clickable anymore? 2
Azizul Raju
Apr 20, 2024

We noticed a script file that might be causing the issue you're experiencing (see screenshot: ). If you could try removing it, that could potentially resolve the problem.

However, if removing the script doesn't work, it might be helpful to undo any recent changes you made to your website. This will help us narrow down the cause.

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