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We have renamed Post Grid plugin to Post Grid Combo
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Accordion WYSIWYG editor 1
Jan 31, 2020 11:28 PM 1 Answers
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Hello... I am curious if you are using the TinyMCE library for your content editor. We had some hooks in the content using the <span> tag, but anytime we change with the Visual editor tab, the <span> tags get stripped out of the html. Our developer is using Version 2.1.17, so maybe this is changed in a later version? If so, we can ask them to update.

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Accordion WYSIWYG editor 1
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Jan 31, 2020

Just realized that by reading some other questions in your forum that we are using the latest free version.  I also discoverd via the developer tools in chrome that it does look like Accordion  uses tinyMCE  for editing content.   Do you know of a way to tell tinyMCE to not strip out the <span> tag?

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- Feb 01, 2020 01:03 AM
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Found out that by design, TinyMCE will strip out <span> tags that do not include an attribute. Therefore, we will add a class attribute:
<span class="emptyClass">Read More</span>.

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