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Accordion Menu - Links not loading 1
Kristin Ashmore
Jan 16, 2024 08:40 PM 0 Answers
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Hello there,

I just started in an admin role for the non-profit Next Chapter Society. On the page listed here the accordion menu in the body of the webpage is not loading the links that were entered. Under each heading, for example Counselling Services, there should be a list of available counselling services or links. I have been tasked with correcting the accordion menu, but I do not have access to the data that was previously entered. Is there a way to reveal what was previously entered under these headings? My troubleshooting has included going through each plugin deactivating, and seeing if it corrects the issue with the menu. And no luck so far. When I look in the settings for the plugin, I'm not seeing nested data under the headings so I'm wondering if the issue was that those resources were not saved correctly and that's why they're not displaying? What do you think? Thank in advance!

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