accordion – first tab open on visit

accordion - first tab open on visit 1
Agalya T
Dec 01, 2023 07:09 PM 1 Answers
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  1. For Initial first tab was open and other tab will be close once the other tab was all the tab will be must closed
  2. The accordian tab color is showing blue but i need to set one underlying  there is any possible to change it
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accordion - first tab open on visit 2
Azizul Raju
Dec 02, 2023

Hi Agalya,
Not only you can initially open the first tab but also you can select any specific tab on the first-page load. But this functionality is only available on our pro version.
After activating our pro version, click on the tab that you want to initially open.

Then from the specific accordion settings, look for the option called Is active. Just set the value to Yes.

And yes, it's possible to change the accordion tab color.
Just Edit your accordion and under Style, navigate to the "Accordion header style" section. Here you can change the background color for your accordion tab.

Let me know if you've faced any issues.

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