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Ticket for: Accordions
Jan 24, 2021 03:09 AM 1 Answers
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Hi it seems several other people have had this issue by reading other comments online. Your plugin stripped the content out of our accordions but they still exist but empty. This has been extremely frustrating. I've exhausted all options trying to recover the data but something is wrong with your plugin. There's issues that need to be looked at. I tried installing an old backup, actually several backups over the course of the past year and again the accordions would show but are empty. I tried reverting to old versions of WordPress as well but again no luck. I tried exporting the Accordion data as well through the Tools Export and then Import but again empty accordions. Basically there is nothing left for me to try and I have an angry Client that lost a bunch of content. I need a way of retrieving this content, the Client does not have this content anywhere else. Can someone please help me retrieve this missing accordion data? Seems like when you export a sql file of the site and reimport the accordion data is lost, something isn't right. If someone could please get back to me about this that would be great, thanks. I have all plugins disabled except the Accordions plugin. Some example pages with empty forms are:


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Jan 24, 2021

Welcome to our forum.

I am really sorry to see you face this issue, but i have already recovered many users accordions data after having the issue, if you have any backup xml file from old version accordions data then i could help you to recover, otherwise not,

also, you should try the last version you were using before the latest update. please note, we have updated accordions many month ago , not sure what version your client was using.



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