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Accordian Conflicting with Footnotes 1
Apr 20, 2021 02:03 AM 1 Answers
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Good afternoon,

after updating a website for a client, there appears to be a conflict between Accordians and Footnotes (Manfisher).  Is this something that is a known conflict?  It is causing the text from all 5 accordian sections to be displayed in entirety below the accordian.  The reason I know that Footnotes is the issue is that when I deactivate the plugin, everything is fine.  Because the full text is being displayed below, it is also messing up the footnotes themselves, since footnote links are being duplicated.

Here is a link to the page where the issue is occurring:

Is this something that can be fixed through your support, or do I need to work with the footnotes support?


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Accordian Conflicting with Footnotes 2
Apr 20, 2021

It might not be Footnotes. I don’t have Footnotes and mine is doing the same unformatting thing.

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