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About my Prost Grid PRO activated licence 1
Apr 26, 2021 11:04 PM 1 Answers
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Hello, I bought and installed my pro version of the POST GRID plugin.
I was already using the free version, with which I had to create post articles by category for my site.

1- in my extensions, should I deactivate Post Grid version free? and leave only Post GRiD Pro version?
Doesn't that risk deleting all my previous posts? I don't want to have to create them again.

2- I activated my license, but the physiognomy of the plugins has not changed, and does not resemble the interface I see on the tutorials from Raduisthemes or others (green and black), so difficult to find your way.
3- or find useful tutorials to learn how to use it well and configure POST GRID PRO well, because the videos online on toutube are not only very small but too fast for amateurs like me.

I develop my site with WP DIVI, and I bought POST grid pro to exploit the important label management function for my publications but for the moment I admit that I do not advance too much.
thank you for your support.
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About my Prost Grid PRO activated licence 1
About my Prost Grid PRO activated licence 3
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About my Prost Grid PRO activated licence 4
Apr 30, 2021

Welcome to our forum.

you will need to install both free and pro version on your site. without activating free version you will not able to use pro version, not sure how you activate license.

Please tell me details how you want to use our post grid plugin on your site, I could help you to create post grid you need.

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