Category Job Board Manager – Application Manager

Action – job_bm_am_action_single_application_edit

if ( ! function_exists( ‘job_bm_am_action_single_application_edit_function’ ) ) { function job_bm_am_action_single_application_edit_function() { // Your Custom Code } } add_action( ‘job_bm_am_action_single_application_edit’, ‘job_bm_am_action_single_application_edit_function’, 10 );  

Filters – job_bm_filter_input_field_html

You can edit any Input field’s HTML output with the Input field as well. Here is an Example. function new_input_field_html($field_html){ $field_html[‘text’] = array( ‘html’=>’My Custom HTML’, ); return $field_html; } add_filter(‘job_bm_filter_input_field_html’,’new_input_field_html’, 30, 1);

Filters – job_bm_filters_application_meta_options

Using this filter you can easily add any custom meta option in the Application post type. Here is a sample code that how you can do that. if( ! function_exists(‘extra_application_meta_options’) ) { function extra_application_meta_options($options) { $options[‘My Tab’] = array( ‘job_bm_am_my_key’=>array(…

Filters – job_bm_filter_file_upload_extensions

If anyone want to allow any extra file type in the upload section of this Application manager addon, it can be possible easily with this simple filter. if( ! function_exists(‘new_file_upload_extensions’) ) { function new_file_upload_extensions($extensions) { $extensions .= ‘,jpeg,jpg’; return $extensions;…

Filters – job_bm_filters_apply_method_html

if you already defined an apply method by filter hook job_bm_filters_apply_method() you can display HTML for these method by filter hook job_bm_filters_apply_method_html() as following. function job_bm_am_apply_methods_new($apply_method_html){ $apply_method_html_new[‘new’] = ‘Custom HTML Here for New Method’; return array_merge($apply_method_html,$apply_method_html_new); } add_filter(‘job_bm_filters_apply_method_html’,’job_bm_am_apply_methods_new’);

Filters – job_bm_filters_apply_method

You can add your own apply method for job applications. function job_bm_filters_apply_method_extra($apply_method){ $apply_method_new = array(‘method_1’=>’Method 2′,’method_1’=>’Method 2’); $apply_method = array_merge($apply_method,$apply_method_new); return $apply_method; } add_filter(‘job_bm_filters_apply_method’,’job_bm_filters_apply_method_extra’);