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5+ Free WordPress Sitemap Plugin

WordPress Sitemap plugin is an essential tool to invite search engines to index entire website in the quickest possible time. Its means the quicker search engines can index your site contents, the faster your website will get an impressive position in the search engine result pages.

The sitemap contains each information of your site contents elaborately. Like how many posts and pages your site possess. what are their URLs including creating date, modifying date, and deleting date, and how frequently changes are made in posts and pages. When you possess a small website the changes and site contents would be minimal, you can generate your own XML sitemap and update all information manually.

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But when your website will be full of tons of contents in your WordPress posts and pages, it’ll be difficult and time-consuming to list each change manually in a sitemap. In this situation, you need a sitemap that can automatically detect all new changes and update them in the website sitemap for you.

If your website is running on the powerful CMS, WordPress, the possibility of creating automated XML sitemap is endless. There are many of standalone and 3rd party plugin dependent sitemap plugins are available in the market. If you want to curious to know their names, just follow the following list and picked reading the whole description individually.

Best WordPress Sitemap Plugin Integrated with SEO Plugins

Sitemap is counted as one of the most crucial on-page SEO factors. When developers develop super SEO plugins, try to incorporate all SEO aspects in a single WordPress plugin. Here the mighty SEO plugins.

Yoast SEO

SEO plugins try to cover all possible on page SEO features in a single installation. Yoast SEO gained the popularity combining all the best SEO practices altogether. The plugin doesn’t enable entire features just after installation, you have to kick in your desired functionality one by one. Yoast SEO plugin is installed more than 1 million websites, If your website is among the Yoast SEO for your website, I will recommend you to enable integrated sitemap and validate them with Google and Bing webmaster tools. The sitemap by Yoast SEO can include WordPress post, page, images for to assure better visibility for search engines.


All in One SEO Pack

Like the Yoast SEO, All in One SEO Pack is another powerful and more than 1 million times downloaded SEO plugin. This robust SEO plugin comes with all the features that you need to run your website making SEO optimized. If you are using All in one SEO Pack to take care your site on page SEO factors, you can turn on sitemap feature but check a checkbox. It will automatically get detected by Google and Bing webmaster tool and enlist your total site posts, pages, images, URLs and each content modifying details professionally.


Standalone Best WordPress Sitemap Plugin

When your SEO plugin doesn’t come with sitemap feature integrated, you can use a dedicated WordPress XML sitemap generator plugin. Such plugin will generate you an XML sitemap and make a quick connection with webmaster tools of popular search engines.

Google Sitemap

When you only care for Google search engines, you can use Google sitemap. It’ll generate sitemap listing all your site content and help you to submit your sitemap in the Google webmaster tool quickly. The plugin is lightweight, doesn’t create any complication with other 3rd party plugins. Google Sitemap plugin has been available in Russian and Ukrainian languages, let you use auto and manual mode for updating sitemap contents. On top of that, you can set email notifications for any kind changes. If you want to have more feature in this light version of the plugin, you can upgrade to premium version right away.


Better WordPress Google XML Sitemaps

This is another powerful and one of the mightiest sitemap plugins comes with a variety of features that can bring your success over quick site indexing. The plugin can store up to 50k URLs. BWP GXS plugin works fast, consumes less resource and helps you to extend plugin feature based modules.

The feature of this plugin is tremendously awesome. You can use this plugin for Google news for quickly creating sitemaps for news published in the news category, image sitemap to generate data for feature images, sitemap index which indexes entire site content to generate fruitful sitemap, splitting post-based sitemaps which chuck entire posted into countable columns when you will have 20k posts available in your website, multi-site compatible allows to use single sitemap for multiple website , and Custom sitemaps using modules to enhance significant features.


XML Sitemaps (Free)

The plugin can smoothly get installed in your WordPress website and notify search engines about your site contents just after generating XML sitemaps automatically. The plugin doesn’t create any complexity for your website, add rewrite rules and store cached versions of sitemaps in the wp-content/sitemaps folder.The XML Sitemaps plugin can automatically occur pings for updating content in each hour. has been developed using WP internals to count the total number of tags, categories, and blogs pages.


Simple Wp Sitemap

Simple WP Sitemap is a fantastic plugin in this list, can generate XML and HTML sitemap in an efficient way. HTML sitemap can quickly navigate your site users to any of your site content whereas XML pings search engines to index frequently changing site content for better search engine rankings.

The plugin is powerful and lightweight, can generate sitemap content dynamically and in the fastest possible time. Simple WP Sitemap can include other custom pages which are not maintained within the WordPress, Whereas, it blocks pages that you don’t want to include.



Sitemap is considered one of the mandatory tools to invite search engines to index website in the fastest possible time. These tools are listed here curated best sources of sitemap plugin industry. If find I’ve missed any of popular or notable WordPress sitemaps plugin that you find helpful, just put your valuable recommendation in the comment below.

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