10 Must Have Features of WordPress Classifieds Plugin

Nowadays, people try to save their times a lot. They don’t want to spend their productive hours doing unproductive things.

You might be thinking what are unproductive works, right?

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When you head to the classifieds website like Craigslist, you find numerous categories for housing, jobs, services, community and more. It means from the single website you can look for the office, house, and garage for rent. On the other hand, you can find a job, buy and sell products, and provide services.

As the popularity of classifieds website is growing, Investors are coming forward to investing in creating new classifieds website to earn money. So, If you want to build classified ads website for free, you can download free classifieds WordPress plugin to turn your WordPress blog into full-blown classifieds site.

But before selecting plugin for classified advertisement website, you have to check various plugin features. If you can’t check it first, you forgetfulness may cost you money and time. For your convenience, I’ve listed the plugin feature below.

Must Have Features of WordPress Classifieds Plugin

There are plenty of feature of best WordPress classifieds plugin, but today I am going to cover the major elements here. If you want to hear from me which classified advertisement comes with my major feature before digging deeper, you can go for Classified Maker. It has all salient types of equipment packed that I am going to cover right away.

Advance Search Filter

Search is the remarkable feature that every cutting-edge classifieds website possess. It allows the product seekers to find out their desired items quickly to purchase, rent and explore. It means the more smooth search experience you can provide, the more you can grow your site user base.

So, when you select classified ads plugin for your personal and client’s projects, Make sure it comes with an advanced search bar. An advance search bar allows filtering ads according to their location, advertisement category, owner and list type, maximum and minimum price limit and more.

On the other hand, when your Classifieds Maker will power your advertising website, it offers to sort according to the item name, price, publishing date and so on.

Detailed Ads Archive

Creating ads listing from scratch is elusive and strenuous for developers. It requires the advanced algorithm to list ads semantically. If you want to enable advertisement list to present latest ads, featured ads, categorized ads, ads location and category counter and product price, get such a WordPress classifieds website Creator plugin to bring such functionality without coding.

As these items data presentation is crucial to make site visitor friendly and engaging, the best WordPress advertisement plugin like Classifieds Maker let you enable them through plugin backend. With it powerful shortcodes builder, you can decor your ads archive page creatively.

Powerful Ads Posting System

Classifieds website making components are helpful comes with tons of feature to minimize the workload of developers. The success of a classifieds site depends on how much relevant data they present for a listing. The data helps site search system to retrieve requested data according to customer interest. On the other hand, it permits to show lists ads location, category, pricing, and more.

Now the question where from such data comes, right?

A successful classified plugin takes an input of this information from those who posts ads. I find while posting ads, the plugin asks for submitting category, location, posting title, description, feature image, address, listing motto, and input price.

Extensive Ad Category

Classifieds website are a content-rich site. Your client or personal advertisement site may come with thousands of categories to present. If you can’t showcase them efficiently, you can’t get expected success from such website. Before writing this article, I’ve visited plenty of classifieds to bring essential feature of best classifieds WordPress plugin.

I find only Craigslist website present categories efficiently. So, make sure the plugin you’re going to select. It comes with a mature interface so that it can scale and showcase site categories with enough details.

Detailed Ad Location List

When you visit famous ads website, you will find either advertisement list or location on the homepage. As the ad category is necessary for a classified site, the same as presenting ads location is crucial. If you ask me to recommend you which to show on the homepage — category or location first, I urge you to prioritize your client need.

When you want to attract location wise visitors, list location on the front page. The best ads plugin let you list ads location according to the province, state, city and country.

Solid & Secured Codebase

When you select a plugin to create classifieds website, make sure skilled developer and company develop it. A proficiently crafted plugin helps you away from unexpected bugs and security flaws. On the other hand, effect codebase act like security shield will protect your website from hacking and other malicious attacks.

Proper Documentation Equipped

Documentation is the must have feature of a massive plugin like classifies website creating tool. Without proper documentation neither developer and non-tech site owners can’t configure plugin accordingly. So, before downloading or purchasing your desired classifieds WordPress plugin, you should check it comes with well-documentation or not.

SEO Friendly

When a website is proper optimized for SEO. Search engines can crawl site without any hassle. Consequently, it can index the entire pages of classifieds site content with ease. As ads are available for a short period, it’s essential to choose such plugin that cares SEO facts a lot.

Highly Customizable

Customization is the endless process. Do you know why? It’s because the trend moves swiftly. For this reason, to tailor site with fast moving fashion, developers need to customize the site looking and functionality from time to time. So, when you select such a plugin that is hard to customize, leave it the right way. Otherwise, you have to spend money to request premium feature or time to extend it on your own.

Friendly Technical Support

The coding style of developers is indifferent. No one can code the same way. So, when you configure the plugin, you may face challenges to adapt the plugin as it says. In this situation, you need the help of plugin developers, they are the only one who can give you prompt solution.


I’ve gather togather those feature that developer check before downloading free plugins for classifieds website. If you find, I’ve missed any of vital feature, inform me. I’ll try to add them here.

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