10 Best Woocommerce Product Slider Plugins

Are you excited to know about the product slider plugins? How can you use it to promote your brand? Can you display more products at a time? All of your questions answer you are getting today. Continue the reading, and don’t skip anything.

For your product marketing, WooCommerce product slider plugins provide the best support. Here, you get a more unique and creative slider that helps generate revenue from WooCommerce. It plays a vital role in displaying your product on your pages, posts, or websites. This plugin allows you to customize the layout. You can add images, prices, discounts, etc. The customer quickly gets an overview of your product.

WooCommerce carousel plugins help to reach the actual customer. As a result, you get more customers and increase your sales. To increase traffic to your websites, it gives you all technical support. With meaningful research, you provide essential data on your competitors.

Why need to use Woocommerce Product Slider Plugins?

To display your products with category, you must use the Woocommerce carousel. Here, you’ll find some unique features that can help you elevate your product to new heights. You can classify your items and monitor the positions of your rivals. Then sorting your items would be simple. Here, you may modify the layout based on the ideas. As a result, you get all the necessary technical assistance and Woocommerce slider plugins.

This plugin helps you to earn your online shop flexibility within a short time. Even you can show product updates timely. You get tax management, payments, and shipping integration security in these plugins so that you can use them. It maintains your security policy with a solid backup. So, Woocommerce plugins can be the best business partner.

Woocommerce carousel plugins offer a more basic and custom layout. You can set a time and date to show your product to the customers. If the products stock out, it will display stock out ribbon automatically. So, to promote your brand, all technical support you are getting here. From the list, choose the best one for you.

10 Best Woocommerce Product Slider Plugins 1

Top 10 best Woocommerce Product Slider Plugins

There are many product slider plugins in the market. It would be tough to find out the best one. I try to make the best list with meaningful research and customer reviews. So, you can get the best Product Slider Plugins for Woocommerce and ensure the growth of your business. Follow the below slider plugins carefully.

PickPlugins Product Slider

PickPlugins Product Slider for WooCommerce

The easy and user-friendly carousel slider is Pick Plugins Slider. Here offers some specific feature that makes your business more running. It helps increase your product’s value and flow a positive vibe to the customer. Pick Plugins Product Slider display images with a shortcode. For making fancy and creative layouts, you get layout builders.

There is no need to use code in the custom-building layout. You can smoothly add the necessary elements. Here has the Ton option to control the slider systematically. It contains slide speed showcase or hides navigation of dots at your products in the meantime. Pick Plugins Product Slider provides you the complete slide control. It influences customizing the design to display products.

This plugin uses a CSS layout and is easy to make a unique layout. You can add essential status about your products. Pick Plugins Product Slider helps you display your product with a handsome look. It shows the product’s price, offer, and quality in a time. The customers get an overview of your products without visiting original sites. That influences more to see your main website to collect details.

Key Features

  • Column number of Slide for various devices like PC, Mobile, or tablets.
  • Slider rewind and Loop automatically show products first to last without a break.
  • This plugin offers AutoPay and timeout options with dots, RTL, and a lazy load tool.
  • This tool has advanced meta field queries with custom layout elements.
  • It includes recently viewed Best Selling and Related products displays based on tags.


  • Free Version: Free for all
  • Pro Version: $19 to $119


  • Get Most Updated Feature
  • User-Friendly Slider 
  • Create Custom Layout 
  • Automatically Control Slide Speed with Displaying Dots and Navigation


  • Need to Develop the Program with Interface
Carousel, Slider, Gallery

Carousel, Slider, Gallery by WP Carousel

One of the most updated and valuable slider plugins is WordPress Carousel. Here are the most updated and exclusive features. Representing your product in any posts, blogs, pages, or websites would provide you with the best slide support. For your WooCommerce product display, you can use the tools. You can add an image carousel from a photo gallery, product carousel and grid, post carousel and grid.

WordPress Carousel creates unique and creative images to post for your WooCommerce product. Here you get access to the WordPress media library. You can select the image, drop and drag it into a particular position. It’s completely reliable and customizable. It supports any device such as iPhone, iPad, Android, Chrome, Firefox, etc.

I believe you do not need to depend on a Coder or Hire a Developer to build your WordPress site. Here you get all space to promote your brand. It would be easy to make a custom layout for user-friendly features and add essential elements. That’s why it would be easy to reach the real customer within a short time.

Key Features

  • Shortcode generator to make custom layout
  • Support multisite with unlimited carousel
  • Show or hide colorful navigation dots 
  • CSS field with RTL support
  • Functionally lightbox image with smart lazy-loaded option


  • Free Version: Available for all
  • Pro Version: $39 to $199


  • Easy to Adjustable Feature
  • Supportive at any Device
  • Enable Carousel with Auto Set up
  • SEO Friendly & Optimize Slide Speed


  • A little bit Expensive, the Pro Version
Prime Slider

Prime Slider – Addons for Elementor by Themes

Prime Slider is the most effective and unique way to show off your products. These new features with better variation performance are here for you. With this tool, a slider is made for your WooCommerce or Elementor page builder. You can quickly and easily change it to make it look like something from a different story. A blog, an e-commerce site, or any other site can use this. If you use Prime Slider, you get the most up-to-date UI/UX.

For your WordPress theme and Elementor build page, it would be reliable and perfect. Here you feel secure from any unexpected situation and easily can promote your brand. It also helps you to make customized and eye-catching layouts. You can add bullet information that would highlight your products more. The customers get an idea of your products. They influence more to visit the leading site for more data.

So, to promote your new brand, Prime Slider provides you with the best image slider. It is responsive and suits any device. Here you get SEO optimized title, bread crumbs, links, etc. For your web and server performance, Prime Slider is highly optimized. It flows a motion to get a new experience.

Key Features

  • RTL and ready translation
  • Custom with Woo Stand and add an event calendar
  • Marble and Woo expand slider for WooCommerce
  • Isolated base and blog base tools
  • Zines, Slide, Folio, Coral, slice skin includes


  • Free version: Access free for all


  • Supportive all Devices
  • SEO Optimized Title, Links Slider
  • Expert Support from Themes
  • Responsive and Ready WooCommerce


  • The features need to Develop.
10 Best Woocommerce Product Slider Plugins 2

Product Slider for WooCommerce by Shaped Plugin

Product Sliders is a slider Plugin that is easy to use and can be changed. It gives you more space to show off your WooCommerce products. Here, you’ll find more features that can be altered and used to make your business grow. Surprisingly, this carousel helps you get to the top of your game. You can put products on pages, posts, and custom templates, which will help you sell more and make more money. Additionally, it has a shortcode generator that is easy to use.

Product Slider lets you show off a lot of your products and send a good vibe to the customer. As a result, you will get the best help from this plugin. Product Slider is a big part of making your site look more professional and appealing to visitors. The shortcode generator makes it easy to make a modern and flexible product slider carousel for a professional site.

So, Product Slider gives you the best help for the strategic spot and makes you money. If you want to promote your new brand, unique and creative image slides are still an excellent way to do this. In order to make your marketing journey as simple as possible, you get more chances. You can be more efficient when you talk to people so that you can make more sales.

Key Features

  • Three pre-designed ready themes
  • Auto plays on-off with controlling speed
  • Multiple product sliders
  • Set add to cart button, background color, size, font
  • Shortcode generator with numerous layouts


  • Free Version: Free for all
  • Pro Version: $39 to $199


  • Responsive and friendly for all Devices
  • Infinite Loop with gorgeous look, lightweight and powerful
  • Set Different types of products in One Slide
  • SEO Friendly & Compatible with any WordPress Theme


  • Not Easy to Understand the Feature
Twist – Product Gallery Slider

Twist – Product Gallery Slider for WooCommerce

Twist for WooCommerce product gallery slide is the best carousel plugin for WooCommerce. More specific and important features will help your brand get more attention than you can add here. Having a good sense of style and uniquely making things sell more. If you want to use a WooCommerce product slider for marketing, Twist might be the best one.

The plugins make a full-customizable image gallery slider for a single item. Customers This is what the customer wants to do. They want to scroll and slide images so they can see how they feel. Here, you get a full-screen lightbox view that lets you zoom in on images, show thumbnails, etc. However, It’s easy to use and can show videos (YouTube, Self-Host, and Vimeo) to attract customers.

There are many things it can work with, such as Divi, Builder Beaver, the WordPress bakery builder, and Elementor pro. It’s making a single product page different. In this case, you can change the image size, choose a gallery image, or change the thumbnail area. To help you market your products, Twist can be the best partner and help for a long time.

Key Features

  • Responsive layout with navigation support
  • RTL support and show to thumbnail
  • Vertical and Horizontal slider 
  • Lightbox option with default zoom action
  • Support Visual page or Elementor page builder


  • Free version: Free for all
  • Pro Version: $39 to $51.75


  • Beautiful &Util Gallery for WooCommerce
  • Usable at any Premium Theme
  • Easy to use at any Custom Page Builder


  • Complex the Installment Process
WooCommerce Product Carousel

WooCommerce Product Carousel by up Wax

WooCommerce Product Carousel is one of the best plugins for making a slide show. You get some special tools to help you get through a bad situation. It would have a unique and creative slider to make more money from Woocommerce and get more customers. However, if you don’t know how to do anything, you can use these slider plugins.

The carousel plugin is introduced with a preloaded feature and customize option. It will help to generate more revenue which plays a vital role. You can make an unlimited slider, grid, or carousel for your products. It supports all types of devices without technical error. Here, you can generate shortcodes to represent your products on pages, and posts, in addition to custom templates smartly. If the products would out have stock, it shows by displaying up to date information.

You can use this WooCommerce Product slider on any device. It would be simple to reach people who use a wide range of different devices and software. It would help you show off your products for a long time. WooCommerce Product Carousel offers excellent support to make a unique and creative slider.

Key Features

  • Three different themes for grid, carousel, and slider
  • Advanced shortcode generator with update setting panel
  • Lightweight and ready translation
  • Customize the navigation by controlling slide speed


  • Free version: Free Access for all
  • Premium Version: $27 to $107 (Yearly)


  • Multiple Slider Option
  • Handsome Look with Professional Theme
  • Flexible Custom Slide
  • Unlimited Product Display with Unlimited Carousel


  • Not easy to adjust its unique Settings
Product Slider and Carousel with Category

Product Slider and Carousel with Category by WP Online Support

Product Slider and Carousel is the most attractive and versatile slide maker. This tool features more up-to-date features. It will help to furnish your dream slide and display with a positive vibe. It is responsive to any devices such as Android, iPhone or iPod, etc. You can easily use the theme shortcodes to promote your new brand. You can compare with the best-selling and featured products in Woocommerce.

It’s easy to sort and put things into different groups. To make the shortcodes easier, you can use a category ID to make them easier to remember. The WooCommerce product carousel or slider lets you show off your products aesthetically. So, your products reach the customer and show up on their screen with bullet points.

Product Slider and Carousel is based on the Loop from WooCommerce. It will show off in a certain way and with a specific theme and style. Here, you get ideas about which products your competitors would be more interested in. If you use WooCommerce, you can know which products are the most popular and which ones are being featured. If you want to pay attention to the real customer, this slider carousel will help you do that. It helps you make money from WooCommerce.

Key Features

  • Display with Slider/Carousel view for WooCommerce products
  • Generate shortcode to build design, type, and showtime
  • It uses an original Loop with a customized carousel
  • Gutenberg block support with WordPress bakery theme


  • Free Version: Free for all
  • Pro Version: $49 to $149 (Yearly Basis)


  • Supportive for all Devices
  • Show or Hide Pagination Option
  • Offer Unlimited Slider & Categorize Products sample.


  • Premium Version is a little bit expensive.
YITH WooCommerce Product Slider Carousel

YITH WooCommerce Product Slider Carousel by YITH

YITH WooCommerce Product Slider Carousel is introduced with a nicer feature. It offers a unique and creative carousel. It’s easy to promote your brand using the tools if you have a little technical knowledge. It also increases the customer curiosity about your products and gives a strategic spot in WooCommerce. It would provide a more attractive and practical carousal and ensure technical support.

YITH WooCommerce Product Slider Carousel helps you to display more products. It scrolls automatically. The customer can see all and get an overview within a short time. The latest and most versatile features of slider plugins can’t miss at the professional online shop. Moreover, to generate your new brand, you get the best support for a long time.

Here you can use shortcode and get access to the Woocommerce image gallery. You can add images and bullet points with add to cart option. That influences the customer to visit your leading site. Increasing customer curiosity helps generate revenue from Woocommerce and boost your current sales. YITH WooCommerce Product Slider Carousel plays a vital role and provides a more unique and attractive carousel.

Key Features

  • Unlimited Loop with controlling slide speed
  • Animation entrance and exit
  • Show or hide the title slider
  • AutoPay with navigation


  • Free Access for all


  • Multiple Slider Add Option
  • Maximum Number to Show Simultaneously
  • Easy Installation without Technical Knowledge


  • Need to Develop the Updated Features
Product Slider for WooCommerce

Product Slider for WooCommerce by Weave Apps

This Product slider is built on the carouFredsel library and is driven by jQuery. Its plugin will let you create a mobile-friendly carousel to display your goods in a sliding motion. These slider plugins provide the best support to reach outcomes high if you want technical support. You get an update on your competitors and suggest how to furnish Slide with a handsome look.

This extension allows you to create multiple sliders for your product. It helps you to categorize all products in a sequence. It would be easy to showcase one by one to the customer and provide an overview of your products. Moreover, they will be more influenced to visit your websites. It offers a vast option to configure the slider. Slider filters provide a wide range of options and are shown seamlessly.

The sliders can be set up quickly because there are so many options. WooCommerce is the best way for you to make money and increase your sales. It will give you a lot of help with technical things and help your business grow quickly. As a bonus, this WooCommerce ensures the best technical support possible.

Key Features

  • Products type filter such as featured, bestselling, newest, upsells, etc.
  • It features multiple sliders with schedules that show
  • Preloads nearby images with smart lazy-loaded
  • This plugin performs with the competitor research option.


  • Free Version: Free for all
  • Premium Version: $29 (Annually Billed)


  • Multiple Slider Option
  • Supportive to all Devices
  • Supports Horizontal & Vertical Dimensions
  • Easy to Sort your Products


  • Expensive to get a Trail
Product Slider for WooCommerce by Access Keys

Product Slider for WooCommerce by Access Keys

Product Slider for WooCommerce by Access Keys is the last plugin on this list. It is an advanced product slider plugin that will uniquely showcase your products. Here you get the more attractive and effective slider to display your single. You can set the products with their category. Moreover, it provides suggestions to make your Slide SEO friendly.

Here you get a more customized slider layout and can adjust in pre-designed templates. It includes eight distinct ribbon templates and six different ribbon positions for you to use to identify your highlighted goods simply. It shows ribbon timely when stock out your products. Here you get a product filter and sorting option to categorize your products. It provides an endless carousel and slider with the usage of a shortcode.

Getting the word out about your regular online business is very important. It gives essential advice and technical help for a long time with good research. If you don’t know much about technology, you can still use this feature. You can make a unique and exciting carousel or slider.

Key features

  • Product filter option to show related products in one Slide.
  • It lets you display product details with an integrated lightbox.
  • This plugin is compatible with RTL and requires no code.
  • Social share option with the call to action button.


  • Start at $18


  • Easy Installation Process
  • Create Unlimited Slider 
  • Assign Stock out Ribbon Automatically
  • Forum & Email Support


  • Need to Upgrade Custom Templates

Final Thoughts

I think you got an overview of the best Woocommerce Product Slider Plugins in the market. It would be easy to select the perfect one for your business marketing. You get the most updated feature. Using these, you can promote your business within a short period. The slider works as a bridge to represent your product smartly and reach the actual customer. As a result, build a good relationship with your customer and influence them to visit your website. It would be more helpful to increase the traffic. 

Hopefully, you will appreciate this post and get additional value from the resource. You should use Woocommerce Product Slider Plugins since such characteristics are more trustworthy for your demands. It would cause a stir in your company. So, in order to maintain the worth of your goods, Woocommerce Product Slider may make a difference and give you a unique experience.