10 Best WooCommerce Product Label Plugins

The WooCommerce label plugin is used to add labels and select products, so it would be easy to represent your products. Here, WooCommerce gives you the different types of badges customized for product use. If you want to add unique and meaningful badges to boost your sales, WooCommerce will provide you with the best support. Do you want to make your products more attractive to the buyer? 

You have to use Product Label Plugins to promote your brand. The WooCommerce Product Label Plugins provide the best support for your new arrival product promotion. Product badge plugins generate your sales within a short period of time and increase your product sustainability to customers. For the WordPress WooCommerce website, there are various sorts of product label plugins. Here I will try to focus on the best WooCommerce Product Label Plugins with details. Continue reading, don’t skip anything.

Why need to use Product Label Plugins?

As a seller, you must know how much competition have to promote products in the marketplace. If you have good quality products but lack proper technique, you can’t run your sales. Even if you want to viral a new arrival thing, you won’t get enough response customers. Are you happy with that? Of course not. For that reason, you need to use label plugins to promote your product or product groups.

To make your sales and represent your products more eye-catching, you have to use WooCommerce Product Label Plugins. Here you get enough space to choose different badges. Badge Plugins can also customize labels. So, WooCommerce Product Label Plugins provide you with the best support for your business. 

So, use the WooCommerce Product Label Plugins and make your product glamorous, which is badly needed to turn into a good position. From the best 10, WooCommerce Product Label Plugins, find out which is best for you.

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Top 10 Best WooCommerce Product Label Plugins

Here I will try to present the10 best WooCommerce Product Label Plugins with their specific features, so it will be easy to find the best Product Label Plugins to promote your brand. If you are looking for the best WooCommerce Product Label Plugins, that would be more helpful to you. 

Advanced Product Labels

Advanced Product Labels for WooCommerce by BeRocket

One of the best label plugins is Advanced Product Labels. Here you get some specifics on making your products outstanding and presenting your vibe. Promoting your brand with Advanced Product Labels can be the best way to get unique and customized labels. In your product templates, you can include the following information: product name, category, sale update, stock balance, bestselling data, Price, and sales status label.

In Advanced Product Labels, creating labels is too easy and quick. Here you will find “free shipping” and other choices for effectively promoting your business. To fulfill some conditions, you can use each label on your products in a specific format. You can customize the font size and get the suggestion to place it in the suggested position. 

CSS and text templates include advanced product labels and labels with product age, stock, and Price. Title label position, size multiplier, and shortcode use in the label content. Customize image and time left to discount type of badge. The label can rotate in any position and add a shadow to make it more real. These would add specific attribute values to your products. 

Key Features

  1. Unique & Custom labels on products
  2. specific condition label for Certain products
  3. Custom Text and Discount Label
  4. Use background and text colors.
  5. Label Dimension in PX/EM/% for Padding, Margin, Height, Width, Font Size & Length.


Free Access 


  1. Easy to get customized labels
  2. CSS & Custom Image Templates
  3. Z-Index Label
  4. Multiple Labels for the more Focus


  1. Its features are not easy to understand.
YITH WooCommerce Badge Management

YITH WooCommerce Badge Management by YITH

YITH WooCommerce Badge is the most updated and powerful tool to categorize labels according to New, Popular, and Featured products. For your E-Commerce business, it would help you to highlight your products. YITH WooCommerce Badge would provide you to apply psychological triggers to boost your sales. It would make your badges bear the social value to

prove to customers.

If you want to give a discount on your ceratin products, these badges help you highlight it on the e-commerce site with pay attention of the buyer. It would help to find out your products and reach fast. Here you get more possibilities to use the badges on different products with multiple signs. Unlimited badges give you more sustainability to use in your products. 

With a specific example, it would be clear to know the uses of the YITH WooCommerce Badge. If you want to promote cosmetics products, you can use the Cruelty-Free label needs to get more traffic. If you need to explore food items, you can use the Gluten-free badge to pay attention to customers. If you need to regulate your clothing business, you can use the Maternity-Clothes title badge to create a positive vibe for the customers. 

Key Features

  1. Using advance builder to make unlimited badges
  2. Set the padding and borders for the text badge
  3. Automatically hide the default WooCommerce ‘On
  4. Sale’ badge 
  5. Badge opacity, margin, 3D rotation, the
  6. Position set in PX/IN/% or drop & drag
  7. Schedule badges and 100% WIPL


Free Version: Free for all 

Pro Version: 81$-999$


  1. Automatically shows the discount % on your product badge
  2. 32 Advanced Image badges
  3. Flip the Badges Text Horizontally and Vertically or Both
  4. YITH Dynamic Pricing & Discounts with Integration
  5. To Edit Badge Setting, Enable Shop Manager


  1. Not suitable for Multiple Image Badge
Product Labels for Woocommerce

Product Labels for Woocommerce (Sale Badges) by Acowebs

Product Labels for Woocommerce (Sale Badges) play a vital role in making creative badges. You can make your own product badge and promote it in the marketplace. You are promoting your brand and increasing sales in a short time. Here you get a friendly user interface to customize your dream sale badge. 

You can add the badge to mention specific attributes of your products or replace the default WooCommerce On Sale Badge. So, Product Labels for Woocommerce (Sale Badges) provide you with more space to customize badges essential to rank your product with more traffic. A growing business can be more supportive and generate exclusive badges to make your product visible for a long time with an attractive look.

When you want to add the badges by Product Labels for Woocommerce (Sale Badges), you should focus on its tools. After activating labels for WooCommerce, visit the WordPress Admin Menu Bar and select the badges as you wish. Then click ‘Add New Button’ to add more badges to your products. It is an easy process to create customized badges and use them in specific products as visible features to draw attention to the customer and show the offer. 

Key features

  1. Create or manage sales badges for UI
  2. Additional option to customize badge color, font, and shape
  3. categorized products badges to present a particular group feature
  4. Live preview option added


Free Version: Free Access for All

Premium version: $32 to $109 (Money Back Guarantee)


  1. Adjust Sell Timers
  2. Special Day Sale Badge (Eid, Mother’s, and Valentine’s Day)
  3. Predefined Badges more than 250
  4. Hide Default for WooCommerce On Sale badges
  5. Upload Images Option from Media


  1. Multiple Badges Add Option is not effective at all
Advanced Woo Labels

Advanced Woo Labels – Product Labels for WooCommerce by ILLID

Using the Advanced Woo Labels, you can make labels easily for your product optimization. To generate your sales and boost your WooCommerce products, you can use Advanced Woo Labels. Here you get more accurate and standard labels to make your product more potential on the e-commerce platform. Advanced Woo Labels is updated with more outstanding features to give you extra advantages to make dream labels.

In Advanced Woo Labels, you can use condition labels that show on certain WooCommerce products, Users, and Page. So, here you can focus on the specific area to promote your brand and increase your product accountability. Highlighting your product helps you get more traffic and create an opportunity to stand your business within a short time. Here you can customize your dream labels easily.

Discount percent, Products Value, Ratings, Quantity, Stock Update, Sales Update, and Shipping Class in Advanced Woo Labels. As a result, it would be easy to reach a notification to the customer. They would get an overview of your WooComerce product. For short and essential marketing, Advanced Woo Labels play a vital role and generating your sales in a short time.

Key Features

  1. Make huge labels for every single WooCommerece product
  2. Display labels on the Product Image and Before Title
  3. Create Custom labels with text variables
  4. Label condition shows product-specific character
  5. ACM(Advanced Custom Fields Plugin) and WFCM(Multivendor Marketplace Plugin) support


Free Version: Free Access for All

Pro Version: $49 to $89 (With Money-back Guarantee)


  1. Add Label Links
  2. Date, Page & User Condition Labels
  3. Included Emojis Support
  4. Change Hooks to Display Product Labels


  1. The User Interface needs more improvements for better services
Improved Sale Badges

Improved Sale Badges for WooCommerce by XforWooCommerce

If you want attractive sale badges for your products, the Improved Sale Badges will be the right option to grow your business. It would help you generate your WooComerce products sales and give more traffic. Here you get the SVG feature to get graphic design support which helps reach your labels in high position. Its extraordinary new features make it more accurate and show on an e-commerce website with a handsome look.

Improved Sale Badges helps you reach your product-related customer, and you can get the exact form to publish your WooCommerce products. It would be the best partner for your accelerating journey. You can change your labels according to your present location and customer needs. So, a big platform is ready to generate your business, providing the best badges with a handsome look.

The Plugin helps you integrate the WooCommerce interface, where you get some options to operate the labels. Here you get the WooCommerce – Settings – Sales Badges page on your Dashboard of WordPress. After installation, the sale badges interface will open with different designs and Discount rates. The best three badges include which custom text you add in previous.

Key Features

  1. Show the percentage of discount to get an idea of how much money saved
  2. Included more Special Badges to optimize the labels
  3. Use different badges for your single product and group products
  4. Fully competent with the WPML (WordPress Multilingual)


Regular License: Start at $24 (Extend support for 12 months by adding $7.13)


  1. Active with all Templates
  2. Have Translated Option
  3. Get Special Badges for Specific Products
  4. Easy Install & Set-Up


  1. The Plugin is bounded to get a Preview


Woo Badge Designer

Woo Badge Designer by AccessKeys

In Woo Badge Designer, you get the more exclusive feature to furnish your dream labels for your WooCommerece products. Here you can insert good deal badges like Offer, Sale, New, Hot, Trending, etc. Easy to make listing your WooCommerece products and present with a charming look. Woo Badge Designer invites more customers to increase traffic to sell by more than 55% is essential to growing your product accountability in the e-commerce marketplace.

Woo Badge Designer is an effective WordPress plugin to transfer the default WooCommerce sales badges into more attractive sales badges for each product. It helps to add image, text, and icon labels to display the discount rate, main features, and products sustainability. Woo Badge Designer provides more customized labels with a time countdown tool. You can test badges in ribbon position.

According to its upcoming features, Woo Badge Designer is the best option to create unique labels to promote your brand. When the customer feels a positive vibe to seeing the badges, they will visit your product. If you can choose Woo Badge Designer for your label-making partner, you will get the best support to generate your business in a short time.

Key Features

  1. Easy to add more deals like offer percentage, trend value, products stability, etc
  2. Design more than 60 designs with 32+ Image predefined templates
  3. Color optimization and customizing the font size of labels
  4. Live preview sale badges with six different position


Regular license: Start at $17 (expand 12 months of support by adding $4.50)


  1. Invited Most Potential customers to increase the sale
  2. Label Layout of Sales badges products
  3. Pre Design Timer Templates with Customize Sales Badges
  4. Discard WooCommerce Default Badges with the more Appealing Sales Badges


  1. Some Minor Bugs Fix the Plugins


WooCommerce Advanced Product Labels

WooCommerce Advanced Product Labels by JeroenSormani

WooCommerce Advanced Product Labels is a premium sales badges creator where you get the more exclusive feature. To make your sales badges customer-oriented and easy to visible your offers, WooCommerce Advanced Product Labels would give you the best support, and you can enjoy the feature most. If you want to generate your business and boost your current sale, it provides you with more unique and attractive labels that easily promote your product value and stability.

In WooCommerce Advanced Product Labels, you can create free custom labels and emphasize Free Shipping to promote your business. Here you get suggestions to customize your previous labels and replace them with customer-oriented badges. With specific character symbolize the body of your product so that visible the offer in percentage and present a brief on your WooComerce products. Here you have a global badges interface and choose your dream badges with a condition timer.

So, to operate your labels in a proper sequence, WooCommerce Advanced Product Labels provide you with the best data, which you must need to know for promoting your business. You get the single label interface, and using it reaches the convenient and potential customers. As a result, the right customer sees your products and gets a clear view, and it is essential to promote your brand in WooCommerce.

Key Features

  1. Included extension back end with two interfaces one is global, and another is single labels
  2. Customize label design with suggestions
  3. Attribute text add to the badges to make them unique and unbeatable


Regular Price: $49 (Annual Package)


  1. Custom Attribute Text
  2. Get Global & Single Labels
  3. Emphasis on Shipping Free
  4. Conditional Labels


  1. The Plugin is a little Expensive
Product Badges

Product Badges by 99w

The most common and effective tool is Product Badges which creates unlimited badges for your products. The badge becomes more colorful and attractive to the buyer and influences them to visit your products. Product Badges ensure you the best service, and you can easily promote your business within a short time by providing the best samples of sales badges. So, you can customize your badges according to its suggestions.

Here you get more than 140 pre badges and choose e as your wish without bound and add your custom design and text to make the badges more meaningful. Product Badges help the customer know your offer, highlighted points, and product status and make decisions. So, create a positive vibe on your product which is the best way to convince the customer quickly.

Custom code and countdown badges are also available to make the labels gorgeous. You can manage your custom badges in the dashboard and compare them with the other sales badges. So this badge helps you to get customer attention and find out what would be the best suggestion for your labels. For your business marketing policy, Product Badges help you to provide updated pre-made badges.

Key Features

  1. Included more than 140 pre badges to add your products
  2. Create countdown badges with your dream text
  3. Have the option to categorize your product according to nature
  4. Implement the badges priority on display


Regular Price: $49 (Annually Billed)


  1. Easy to add Customize Text or Image in Labels
  2. Use Multiple Badges to Highlight Products
  3. Custom Own Stylish Badges from Different Positions
  4. Included Compatibility Mood


  1. Not Cheap the Plugins Package
Product Badge Manager

Product Badge Manager for Woocommerce by BoomDevs

Product Badge Manager is the most potential and effective badge creator to explore your business in a new dimension. For increasing your product value, create unique and attractive badges. The most upcoming feature makes it more confidential to create creative badges. Adding text and images makes it more potent and helps find the original customer. So, the Product Badge Manager can play a vital role and running your business by providing the best badges.

In Product Badge Manager, you get the opportunity to make unlimited badges and assign them to WooCommerce products. Based on category, terms, attributes, popularities, sales filter your product’s archive using the particular badges. Executing your business’s unique and creative labels will give you the best support.

You can show your badges on single and catalog pages and promote based on seller category. You can add custom images or text to increase your product taxonomies. Attributes value make your badge more unique and present more attractive to the customer and flow a positive vibe when they get time, sales status, and product status. So, it is easy to represent your product and increase accountability in WooCommerce.

Key Features

  1. Show badges on both single and catalog pages
  2. Attribute value assigned to sales badges
  3. Product archive and filtering options make badges unique
  4. Shortcodes with extendable badges to promote the certain products


Free Version: Free Access for All

Pro Version: $25 ($7.5 for extending 12 months of support)


  1. Get Unique & Creative sales Badges
  2. Easy to Add Attribute Value
  3. Custom Text & Image Tool
  4. Combination of Multiple Variations


  1. Not Perfect for Adding Countdown Feature

Sold Out Badge for WooCommerce by Charlie Etienne

The most unique and creative sales badge is the Sold Out Badge, where the product stock out indicates sales badges. Easy to understand, this product does not sell anymore; As a result, customers can feel the value and easily understand this is not available here. If you have finished all products and want to show them, you can use the attributes on product labels.

Sold Out Badge Plugins creates to provide support for selling company products and services, artists, real estate professionals, etc. It’s too beneficial to show the sold-out badges and clarify to customers that the product is out of the website or WooCommerce. When displays the sold-out text in the badges, know what it means. As a result, no one would disturb you and ask about the products.

You can make a custom tool in Settings > Sold Out Badges for WooCommerce and give a clear message that the product is out of stock and can’t deliver anymore. Use these badges on certain products which are not available now and inform others of the message with a notification status.

Key Features

  1. Add any text format and use Sold Out, Out of Stock, and Coming Soon
  2. If you get an overlap, then it would hide Sales badges
  3. Give a clear message that the product is stock out from WooCommerce


It’s free for all.


  1. Add any Text Format
  2. Use Color Variation with Background
  3. Free Height and Width
  4. Font Size Available


  1. Only Use to Indicate Stock Out

Final Thought

I think you got a clear view of the top 10 WooCommerce Product Label Plugins. It would be easy to identify what you need to generate your business with the best labels. According to your need, you can choose any one from them. With meaningful research, I included these to get a clear concept of why you need to use sales badges and which are the best in the marketplace. To running your business, labels would play a vital role and increase your product sustainability within a short period.

Hopefully, enjoy the article and get the resources to find out the best WooCommerce Product Label Plugins. Thanks a lot.