Best 5 WooCommerce image zoom plugins

The main focus of WooCommerce is to see the attractive image or a detailed view of products to the customers. The purchase decision of the customers depends on the product image. So, the product image is very important for WooCommerce. If you have a WooCommerce site, then you must be looking for a fantastic WooCommerce image zoom plugin for your site. Image Zoom is an easy way to give an amazing viewing experience to your customers by allowing them to zoom the product images or any other images on your site. It helps your customers to observe clear information about the product before making a purchase on your site.

The product zooming option will not only help your customers to have a fantastic preview of their product images it will help to increase your sales. There are many kinds of zooming options available in WordPress. You can easily get various zoom types such as inner, lens, and window.

So, let’s see a list of top WooCommerce product image zoom plugins is as follows :

WooThumbs for WooCommerce – Best WooCommerce image zoom plugin


The most powerful image gallery for WooCommerce. Here you can customize your WooCommerce product image in minutes. Get access to WooThumbs easily by configuring some settings and making your site easy to navigate as well. WooThumbs perfectly fits into the WPML accessibility that ultimately assists translating systems all the way. You can establish your website with more secure and more advanced quality images through this plugin.

Key features of Iconic WP :

  • Additional Variation images: Give your customers the full picture with multiple images per variation. Here, you can find multiple zoom options to showcase the details.
  • Embedded video and media: High-quality product video has been proven to increase sales. You can embed video directly into the product gallery.
  • Fully customizable: You can customize all aspects of the image gallery like speeds, layout, colors, and more.
  • Mobile-Friendly: This plugin is mobile-friendly. WooThumbs work great on all devices and implement pinch and zoom capabilities.
  • Zoom effects: Iconic WP has multiple zoom effects, including inner, outer, and follow.
  • Full-screen gallery: Your customers can view images and embedded media in a full-screen.

woocommerce image zoom plugin



Magic Zoom Plus – WooCommerce image zoom plugin


This is another fantastic image zoom plugin for WooCommerce. Magic zoom plus automatically generates the background images for full-screen mode. This plugin is fully responsive and mobile-friendly. Magic zoom plugin is an SEO-friendly URL and protects your images from being copied. Here, you can easily choose the opacity, position, and size of your watermark. The compatibility of this extension is very good with all websites and you don’t have to add any extra libraries.

Some other features of this plugin are as follows:

  • Eye-catching: Displays products in a magical manner with the full-screen mode in an eye-catching way. Comes with various adjustable options like zoom style, size, hover, effect, and more.
  • Video option: You can keep videos to show the minute details of your products with this plugin.
  • User-friendly: You can place this extension anywhere you feel necessary to have it, including category pages, search results, or popular blocks.
  • Enhance conversion rates: Enhance your conversion rates with more customers coming often thereby converting them into potential customers effortlessly.
  • Retina support: Fully responsive image zoomers that provide retina-ready images.


Best WooCommerce image zoom plugin


YITH WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier


YITH is another outstanding image zoom Plugin for the WooCommerce industry. Here, you can find a clear overview of the product. The product images are considered as the key elements of the shopping experience. So, you can find magnified image details of your product that can be presented to your Customers using this popular option through the WooCommerce image zoom plugin.
YITH WooCommerce allows you to enable the zoom functionality and a lightbox on your product images and show the thumbnails in a handy slider for a clean and Modern result.

The key feature of YITH WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier:

  • Full SEO optimization: The plugin feature is full SEO optimization and has a high-security feature that does not allow a copy of the image.
  • Manageable feature: The position, size, and transparency of your watermark can be managed. Even, the video can combine with the zoom features.
  • Offer lightbox: This plugin offers a lightbox to display real-size product photos in a separate window panel.
  • Customizable: You can customize the arrow’s size, shape, and colors that are used while zooming in on your products.
  • Clear image: This plugin provides a clear and comprehensive picture to let users see the subtle details of your products.


WooCommerce image zoom plugins

Product Image Zoom for WooCommerce


This plugin is essential for WooCommerce Site. The zooming feature can be customized with this plugin. Also, you can add a Magnification and lightbox effect to the image of the product with a product zoomifier. Your site can get a professional touch with the help of this plugin and brings out the
Minutest details of the product to the customer.

Some other features of Product Image Zoom for WooCommerce:

  • Compatible: Product Image Zoom is compatible with all the major WordPress themes and it’s a lightweight plugin that loads your site quickly.
  • Easy to use: This plugin is extremely easy to use and customize for zooming in product images without reducing quality.
  • Responsive feature: This plugin has an easing effect and Fade in and Fadeout speed to provide smooth zooming and also a lightbox pop-up slider to showcase your zoom products in the highest quality.


WP Image Zoom – WooCommerce image zoom plugin


WP Image Zoom is another most configurable plugin with various zooming types. It brings to your customer great experiences when they interact with it. WP Image Zoom allows you to create a magnifying glass on your images on your site. So that, visitors will be able to see the product images closely and can collect more details of your product from the images and they will feel full reliability and satisfaction as well.

Features offered by this plugin are listed below :

  • Zooming Option: This plugin has four types of zooming inner zoom, round lens, square lens, and outer zoom.
  • Animation Effect: The movement of the cursor of the mouse occurs on the image with a sleek delay.
  • Effects: It supports the Fade effect- the zoom part will gracefully fade in or fade out.
  • Configuration Option: The plugin has great configuration flexibility. It allows you to control the zooming lens size, border size, border color, shadow, rounded corner, and many more.
  • Application facility: The plugin’s application facility is great, it supports all WooCommerce products images with a simple click on the button.


Mega Zoom & Pan Image Viewer WordPress Plugin


Mega Zoom & Pan Image Viewer enhanced with important features that are required for the image zoom plugin. This plugin has the power of a high-resolution image that gives the customers detailed Views about the product image. Mega Zoom offers several options to let you showcase your products in the best possible manner. This plugin offers three displays full screen, responsive, and lightbox. It also offers a customizable control button bar, which you can place as per your requirement and you also can change the order of these buttons or dislike them. Moreover, this plugin is very easy to use and configure to different zoom levels as per your need.

Notable features offered by this plugin are as follows :

  • Customizable quality: Customize the speed of the zoom-in or zoom-out based on the quality and size of the image.
  • Mobile friendly: Mobile devices permit the user to zoom the image while using two fingers and pan the same from one finger.
  • Small navigator: This plugin comes with a small navigator window that facilitates the moving of the image when it is zoomed.
  • Perfect for all screens: It is a highly responsive zoomer plugin that perfectly adjusts to any screen or size.


WooCommerce Product Image Zoom Plugin


This is an outstanding image zoom plugin. It comes with a magnifier lightbox and 360-degree zoom on your product image. Enable magnifier to allow users to easily magnify product images with a mouse hover. Its lightbox facility gives users zoom-in product images in a large image display. Moreover, its 360-degree zoom allows you to rotate the images and see every
angle of your product. In one word, this plugin helps your customers to see your Products sharply, build their trust and satisfying mood on your products as well. WooCommerce Product Image Zoom plugin is fit for desktop, tablets, mobile, and other handheld devices.

Some of the features are listed below :

  • Magnifier Tool: It has additional customization options for magnifier tools.
  • Lightbox option: This fantastic plugin displays full-sized product images in a lightbox. They can see all the images one by one by clicking a button from the lightbox.
  • Zoom box Size: It allows you to set zoom box size-width and height.
  • Exclude products or categories: You can exclude products or categories from zooming features. If you don’t want to show image zoom for some products then you can simply exclude them.
  • 360-degree view: Your customers can better view the products from every angle that helps them make a decision to purchase a product or not.


WooCommerce Product Zoom slider


WooCommerce Product Zoom Slider is a powerful image zoom for your store. It also optimizes properly for mobile galleries and sliders. Customers can zoom in and view the product images while clicking or hovering over the image. This plugin ensures the best user experience on your WooCommerce site. Therefore, this plugin offers vertical and horizontal scroll for image galleries that you can choose according to your preference. Again, this plugin has the ability to change thumbnail sizes from the admin panel.

Some of the important features are listed below :

  • No delay for users: This plugin is asynchronous with progressive loading without delay to show the zoom image.
  • Mobile devices: This plugin is also optimized for mobile devices. So, you can easily operate your store from mobile.
  • Easy installation: This plugin is quite easy to install and has a user-friendly configuration option. A new user of WordPress can easily manage.


WooCommerce Zoomifier


WooCommerce Zoomifier offers a zoom option, lightbox, and a customizable slider to display images. Customers will happy when they Understand your products and when they purchase from your store, you just thank this plugin. You will be happy when you will see your customers’ satisfaction. Moreover, this plugin supports variable products as well as translations. Therefore, it Offers different cursor types and zoom types, along with customizing the Position and Size of the zoom container. Not only it help to enhance user experience but also sales. By installing WooCommerce Zoomifier the product images are clearly seen easily bring your products close to customers.

The important key features are listed below :

  • Lightbox position: This plugin allows you to choose the lightbox icon position. So that you can easily operate that.
  • Zoomifier option: With the help of this plugin you can enable and disable the zoomifier.
  • Customize Zoom: You can customize the zoom window or zoom lens size anytime.
  • Mobile feature: Through the use of a lightbox you can get rid of mobile scrolling conflicts.


Zoom Magnifier for WooCommerce


Zoom Magnifier is another outstanding plugin that lets your customers zoom in and view a product. Before purchasing any product the customer depends on the image of the product. This plugin offers a close view or details observing products. With the help of this plugin, you can place the zoom option in the image box itself or as a separate option besides the image. Moreover, the zoom magnifier offers support for multiple languages. You can choose or zoom the product inside the zoom box or a different zoom box.

Some important key features are listed below :

  • Disable zoom option: The plugin offers an option to disable the zoom magnification option for selected products or categories.
  • Mobile option: The plugin provides an option to magnify images on users smartphones as well.
  • Set Zoom box: This plugin also easily sets the width and height of the zoom box as per your website’s requirements.
  • High resolution: With the help of the plugin your viewers see your products magnified and zoomed images in the best quality.


So, we are just at the end of this article. Above we have mentioned some best and high-quality Image Zoom Plugin WooCommerce which you can use for your website. Just give these plugins a try. So wait for what! Install these plugins the right way and experience them yourself. So that you can see the magic of those plugins. We hope you found it informative and fruitful for your WooCommerce site. So take care.